The hypocrisy of western gamers and sex

Digitally Downloaded writes: "If we’re able to talk about Call of Duty without spending ten paragraphs on the violence and the impact that’s going to have on the brains of young children, then we should be able to talk about these Japanese games without wasting words qualifying whether they’re perverted or not."

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A-Glorious-Dawn2232d ago

sex and violence are two very different things.

I think most people are wound too tight, this is why they find it hard to liberate themselves sexually in media, or be liberal to sex in media..

Most people are scared of being labelled a pervert, even though we all know they are (as men we all are) but the west is not ready for that to be a apparent as it is in japan, as stated in the article, we are culturally more sexually repressed, and anyone who goes against that trend (not just in media) is seen as 'dirty' or a pervert..

So for now my repressed brothers we must continue to suppress our overwhelming sexuality, and hope that one day, we too may be liberated like our brothers in Japan..

MattS2232d ago

Well said, and agreed.

It's just a pity because just like people are missing out on some great games if they object to the violence, people are missing out if they don't play, say, Atelier Rorona because it has a bit of leg in it.

Because it's a really great *game*, and I thought that was what was important here.

Lucretia2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

yeah it honestly pisses me off. i worked at game crazxy for a few years and it disgusted me that the parents thought it was perfectly cool that their kid was chainsawing people, blowing off their heads, ripping out hearts aslong as there wasnt a nipple, or tit jiggle.

its cool to kill, not be naturally attracted to sex. riiiiight

if i had kids i'd rather them see sexy women than know how it is to jam a knife in someones throat. but realistically they shouldnt see either.

though its funny, people act as if not letting the kids see breasts is going to stop their hormones when they are 12+

its so stupid. for centuries, heck i get to even use this word. For Milleniums we have been getting married at 13, so why is it that the passed 50 yeears we as a society think we can stop that by limiting the boobs they see? if anything it makes it more interesting to them if they havent

MattS2232d ago

Apparently not you!

And if helghast102 doesn't care about something, then no one else should discuss it, because clearly he is the supreme arbiter of what is and isn't worth talking about on this planet!

Thank you for delivering your divine judgement, sir!

Jreca2232d ago

I rather enjoyed Love Plus. It was fun, in a way a real-life relation can't be. A normal person with a little sense can see that the game does not work "as in reality", and it's no way a simulation game. Just takes a theme (romance and getting the girl) in a way we are not used to (videogames, gamifying the experience), and it's just another game. The one who thinks people play them because they are socially inept hasn't tried any of them. It's just another game, and you may like it or not.

Weirdos are everywhere, just saying before the flood of "japanese are marrying videogame charactrers" gets here.

MattS2232d ago

Awesome, another Love Plus fan!

The thing that always gets me about that game is that when you bring it up on a forum, more often than not someone will go "lol isn't that the game that the dude in Japan married?" In doing that, of course, they're dismissing the game as a stupid game for perverts.

Sure. That happened once. In Australia a guy married a fridge, so clearly everyone who owns a fridge is a dirty pervert.

DJLB21152231d ago

WTF HOLY SHIT SON LMAO someone MARRIED a video game? Like married the media disc or whatever it came on? (came on LOL!)And its LEGAL there? if a priest married them its gaurunteed hes going to hell :(

Let me stop talking trash lol id probly marry a giant weed plant if i could lol

Redempteur2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

People unable to enjoy those games are people bound by misconceptions and/or unable see those things without being challenged sexually ..

I have no problem with the design of atelier totori and there is nothing sexual in that gameplay the look of the game is something that prevent you from enjoying the rest of the game mecanics is beyond me..

Conception and love plus aren't sexual games to the least , conception just uses procreation as a gameplay mecanic, just like agarest ( even if agarest games does have a few borderline situations ).

AS for love plus , this is just another dating sim tokimeki ..They exist since god know when and many have been translated before...again nothing unusual about it and nothing perverted tooIN love plus case they just updated the game play with some of this gen features is great if you know the language...

Moby-Royale2231d ago

You see, I personally don't want sex in my movies or video games. I'm a bit old school when it comes to things like that. Easier way to say it would be to call me a prude(no doubt do to my grandma's upbringing :).

The difference between myself and others that feel the same way as me is that I don't really care if it's there, I just avoid it(see: Mass Effect for example). Also you don't don't see me spamming disagree because somebody else likes it. Something about the pursuit of happiness, right?

In a round about way of saying it, my point is although I cannot stand sex in my movies and games, I see nothing wrong with somebody liking it.

Though, when it comes to used panty vending machines..... eh... not going to touch that.... literally lol.