The Rise of Downloadable Content

Emma from Non-Fiction Gaming puts on her angry hat and sets her sights on Downloadable Content.

"Purchasing DLC can involve prolonging a cherished game’s experience by purchasing extra levels or maps. And even extends to the dubious cosmetic extras such as skins or weapons. Initially the idea sounds cool...."

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dangert122262d ago

To be honest with you, I know better to complain.
I was at first put of by DLC because It was not on disc In my eyes Is was of less value, Then being able to see how small/big the DLC was I adopted a mentality...'A does more then B and Is smaller'' B Is a rip off.

But after a while DLC got to me through exclusive games, I think SPLOSIONMAN was the game. I liked It and brought a few other games but never a map pack or game addon on XBOX 360.

Then I got my Ps3 and Killzone 2 by the time I got that they had already bundled all the Killzone 2 map packs so I got that as I had got Killzone 2 secondhand for £8 + Map pack Bundle for £9.99 so pretty much £18 for a full game.

I have seen or the DLC locked on disc content etc and you know what? to be honest with you I don't care. If I think you are ripping me off or that you're game cost too much I will wait play some old games/read a book go outside. and wait for the discount.

Got portal 2 last week how long after It came out? what a joy It was also to download the free DLC I get exactly the same experience as someone who paid £40 and I paid £20...It's the same with the GTA bundle on steam never brought GTA IV but I hung on told myself I'm getting It for single player no need to pay £40 odd for It for £5 on steam with GTA 1&2 GTA-III,Vice City,San Andreas.
IMO more then I could of bargained for.

Guess what I am saying Is I will support you overpriced DLC when the game Is well under priced online passes can get lost I will never pay for online bar my service provider that's why I left Xbox.

NFG_kwate2262d ago

Yeah you make a good point regarding the sales we get all the time. Maybe this does balance out all the pricey DLC. Think the packs which include the game and a number of DLC inclusive are definitely the way to go. My main issue is that I'm usually not that patient :)

dangert122262d ago

That used to be my problem, but as I started to read more I started to play games less and thats what enabled me to be able to wait I think giving myself time to do other things