EA Proud Of Day-One DLC: Selling $20 DLC So The Sale Becomes $80

Gaming Blend "... if you're not really pro-corporate you'll probably find the following comments from EA's COO, Peter Moore, to be offensive and disparaging because he admits EA loves day-one DLC and the profits are huge, especially considering that a $60 game becomes an $80 purchase."

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Snookies122136d ago

Hahaha, you gotta wonder if they heard anything about EA being voted worst company in America. If so, looks like they're doing everything they can to prove that RIGHT! :D

dark-hollow2136d ago

And people say activision are greedy.
EA IMO is much, MUCH worse!

da_2pacalypse2136d ago

Activision just milks their franchises to death, but people are dumb enough to keep buying. But EA takes good products, rapes it, streamlines it, rapes it again, and then puts an online pass and some day1 DLC and sells it -_-

killerhog2136d ago

Maybe Peter Moore wants to kill EA as he did the Saturn and dreamcast?

NYC_Gamer2136d ago

EA never fails to show their true greed

CommonSense2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

they are NOT being greedy. They are being a publicly traded corporation who's sole reason for existing is to maximize profits for the shareholders.

there is only one way to turn it around, and that's to stop supporting them.

complaining about a company (or voting them worst company of the year) while simultaneously buying their games just makes you an imbecile. the corporation reacts to inCOME not inSULTS...if the current model no longer works, they'll try something else.

it is that simple.

WeskerChildReborned2136d ago

Well EA sure know's how to be loyal(sarcasm).

SOD_Delta2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

sarcasm? EA is indeed "loyal"...just not to their fans. $_$

Kamikaze1352136d ago

EA keeps doing this because people are stupid enough to buy it. I wish they wouldn't so EA wouldn't try to take advantage of people with their greed.

Bimkoblerutso2136d ago

Plain and simple. EA are greedy assholes because idiots feed their greed.

ExPresident2136d ago

Gamers must take a bow. We make this possible, we make companies like EA and their actions possible.

Vote with your wallets. They pump fortunes into these new games and must see a return. Imagine if gamers united to show they wouldn't tolerate it just once, say with ME3 or their next big FPS, just once gamers united to say no, they weren't going to support this and EA would feel it big time.

But instead, continue to pat yourselves on the back. EA and Activision will continue to play their games and pull our strings.

Ravenor2136d ago

I adored Mass Effect, I got Mass Effect on launch day in 07 and I ended up buying the PC version in 08. I bought the collectors edition of ME2 on launch day, and a month later picked up the PC collectors edition.

But, I voted with my wallet with ME3 like I am so prone to harp on these pages. Yet when I look around, it seems like only a very few followed the advice.

cemelc2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

Youre not the only one, i dont have mass effect 3 check it on psn or xbox live if you want (same tag as my n4g account).

This site is full of ppl that cryed to the four winds that they werent going to support this B.S next thing you know everybody was enraged about the ending.

In all honesty some ppl have no self control

killerhog2136d ago

Unfortunately for your statement to work or have any type of effect, all gamers must unite not just the few percent that are active in the community. Sorry bud, but we're the one percenters in this case.

joab7772136d ago

I agree. Its similar to taxes. We hate how much we are taxed or how irresponsibly they spend it. If we all claimed 8 for a month, it would bring them to their knees...but we wont. And we wont stop buying EA games or dlc. Did i neccessarily want to buy from ashes for $10? No. But i did and it didnt bother me much because i love the game. I considered what other game i might spend the money on, but nothing would have made me happier than playing that dlc. In hindsight, i would have done it again. If its any consolation, i didnt buy mw3 this year & wont buy medal of honor. Though it has more to do with the other games coming out than its quality. Oh well. It is what it is. We do hav to remember that everything has increased dramatically in price. I just redid the menu at the restaraunt i work at, & i hated doing it but i had to raise prices. We were known for great food at great prices and it killed me to do so. But in talking with the owner, it was a neccessity. And it hasnt affected our patron count. It remains high because they love the product (food and atmosphere). Its the world we live in and the corrupt politicians we have elected.

vortis2136d ago

It all starts somewhere joab777.

If you admit that you're not willing to take a stand where it counts then that attitude alone is the very reason why we're in the position we're in within the gaming industry.

Gamers need to be spreading the word to casual gamers when and wherever they can.

EA used the ME3 DLC as a testing ground and guess what? Gamers let EA pass and only a minority were willing to stand up against it.

It takes more than grumbling under your breath and paying for the very thing that ruins our industry to see a change.

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