How Cloud Gaming Turned Piracy Into Espionage

Now that games like Diablo III are storing all their data in the cloud and streaming it to you, will cracking the game be actual piracy, or will it be espionage? Patrick Vuleta explains the difference, and why those guilty of espionage will be up for much more severe penalties.

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Shadow Flare2256d ago

I really like how games are becoming more difficult to steal.

Psychotica2256d ago

Won't be a little slap on the wrist with espionage..

reznik_zerosum2256d ago

diablo 3 will be as hard to crack as starcraft 2 was,cloud system is not big problem for guys at the scene,i remember that SC2 was cracked in same week when game released,skirmish ,single payer were working.same will be with d3,probably a record on pirate bay,cant wait to see,but still we all know that D3 will sell like crazy,nevermind pirates.

ChrisW2256d ago

Diablo 3 will more than likely be the most "downloaded" game from pirate sites, but how much of it will actually be playable is the real question.

All that I have to say is, protect your Blizzard account! There will be more people hacking to access your account than there was for WoW!!!

Derpy2255d ago

Though I am very much against piracy, I will not be purchasing any single player game that require a continuous online connection to play. I have no desire to give my money to any company that treats me like a thief for supporting them.

Sadly this kind of thing will only grow since there are so many fools out their that will bend over and take it, throwing their rights down the toilet because they have to have their "entertainment."