Sony PlayStation NPD reaction: "Vita is gaining momentum"

Sony Computer Entertainment America has now issued its NPD report response, and as usual the company decided not to mention any actual hardware sales figures, but provided the following quote about the PlayStation ecosystem.

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NYC_Gamer2109d ago

PSV is a solid piece of hardware just needs more support on the software side

KonaBro2109d ago

I have a good feeling this E3 is going to be all about Vita at Sony's press conference.

Berserk2109d ago

If that actually happens then E3 will blow big time... I want the focus on PS3! Not on ps2, not on PSP, and certainly not on Vita.
Whoever actually wants Sony to focus on Vita the whole presentation then lol at you.

KonaBro2109d ago

This console generation is at the end. The Wii U releases at the end of this year. We have multiple reports that developers have already moved onto to next gen games for PS4/Durango. Nintendo and Sony have both released new handhelds signifying the beginning of the next generation of handhelds. All of the production for current gen games have slowed down especially with Nintendo and Microsoft. With all of this evidence stacking up and the current problems the Vita is facing in the market, do you honestly think Sony is going to focus on PS3 at E3? I LOL at you because you clearly have no idea what you are talking about.

sikbeta2109d ago

No kid, hope E3 is about unveling game after game for Vita...

Protagonist2109d ago

With some really cool surprises ;o)...

Gravity Rush and P4: The Golden still coming though.

donniebaseball2109d ago

Yeah I have one and I agree. It's a very solid gaming machine. It'll pick up once better software ships.

donniebaseball2109d ago

That's sadly been the pattern for a long while now. Sony loses out to MS every month. MS states that it sold X amount and then Sony doesn't really address the situation.

BrutallyBlunt2109d ago

Reminds me of politics where they just focus on the positives. It's much like Microsoft's response when it comes to worldwide sales.

As for Vita it will continue to have an uphill battle. Not because the system is weak (far from it), it's just lack of marketing and todays times. It's a tough sell now to offer a handheld gaming device for $250 and then expect consumers to then invest in a memory card and $40-$50 software.

BraidedWALLACE2109d ago

This is just my Opinion on the matter, Here we go..

MS we sold X amount of this and that..

Sony-- Silent on the subject..
----------------------------- -----

Media Bashing Sony

Sony pulling money from god know where. and drop Exclusive after Exclusive..

MS stashing that money in there wallets..

Sony Providing their fanbase with new IP's late in this Gen.

MS-We'll just keep giving them kinect games and the same ole XGames, Because the it seems to us that, that is all they want from us..

Outside_ofthe_Box2109d ago

Why do you want the numbers? You have a share in Sony's stock or something? Or do you want the numbers so that you can post something sarcastic in a serious tone?

Janitor2109d ago

Sales, like it or not, are important. To think otherwise is naive. This is a business, making money is all that matters to these companies, MS, Sony, and Nintendo.

user54670072109d ago


It's imporatant to them...not to us

We don't run the company for them so sales shouldn't matter.

Janitor2109d ago

No sales=no support, so you should care.
Dreamcast anyone?

ExPresident2109d ago

@ Janitor

Its fine for those companies to care about sales but gamers are losing their focus. To many fanboys are getting caught up in this game of sales when what should matter to us is features and good gameplay etc for the same price (or cheaper given the digital only movement).

Gamers are losing with this day 1 DLC crap or games with a lack of features their earlier iterations had etc etc.

I don't give a crap about a company or its sales if they aren't offering me what I want and thats how gamers should look at it.

If X company isn't providing me with said features then no, they should not continue to exist.

TENTONGUN2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

we need the numbers to get the developers to back the thing. sorry ass numbers will resort in sorry ass support for the device. look at the history of the sega gamegear or atari linx. god im old lol

Wolfbiker2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )



The Playstation 3 has outsold all of those consoles. I don't think the PS3's sales are going to effect it's support at this point.

Outside_ofthe_Box2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )


Yes sales are important, but not that important to us consumers. Consumers don't have to care about how much the product they bought/are buying is selling lol.

Besides we all know the reason why 'the gamers' that actually 'do care' about sales isn't because they are worried that they won't get support from the company. It's because they want to fuel console wars. They want to brag about how "my console outsold your console."

Seriously, you have people crying foul about how vgchartz is cheating the numbers lol. Their numbers are never official. Sometimes they don't even correct it after Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo release the official numbers lol.

Gamers shouldn't really care about sales. If you bought the console you did your part. There is nothing else you can do to increase sales besides either buying the console again or recommending it to other people. Other than that worrying about the sales isn't going to get you anywhere.

Janitor2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

Who's talking about the PS3? This is a Vita discussion....try to keep up chief. Thirteen agrees for a totally off topic comment.....LOL

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GraveLord2109d ago

No, they never reveal numbers even when they are doing good.

Jazz41082109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

I do a lot of gaming shopping and locally in las vegas the ps vita is in stock everywhere. I'm not sure that's a good sign as it looks really poorly advertised. I think people are a little scared with sony phasing out the psp and dropping the pspgo quicker and more deliberate then ms dropped support of the original xbox.

Myst-Vearn2109d ago

I want the Vita to do well but Sony not releasing any numbers can only means the numbers are not that good (don't be naive Sony would release the numbers in an instant if they were impressive)

suicidalblues2109d ago

Really? They didn't in the ps1 or ps2 era. They gave quarterlies and fiscals for the stockholders.

joeorc2108d ago

exactly 100%

Sony would rather talk about thing's like this

February 22
PlayStation®Vita launches in North and Latin America, and Europe, introducing the most immersive handheld gaming experience available on the market. At launch, nearly 25 games are available for the device with nearly 100 total in development. PS Vita supports both Wifi and 3G and includes revolutionary advancements in portable gaming such as dual analog sticks, 5-inch OLED front touch screen and rear touch pad, front and rear cameras.


At launch, nearly 25 games are available for the device with nearly 100 total in development.

so there is [email protected] near already 75 more games in development for the PSVita already, and people are worried, that there will be low support?

hell even @ it's current sales pace that's without, any price drop's, with many gamer's saying the price is way too High. Sony has managed to sell over 1.9 million in less than 4 months the system being on the market. That's with a price tag of $249.00+

and already there is 25+ games for the system not including the PSN and PSP orig. Digital Download games Sony can sell for the system.

with soon to be PS1 and Playstation Suite games and application's. not to mention the system has only been on the market for less than 4 months. what the hell can gamer's expect for software support this [email protected] early in the systems life?

there is already over 25+ freaking games for it already released, this is without the PSVita even having it's first full sales year fall season without it's first E3 to premere new software for the system. Let alone all of the resources needed to take care of not only making games, but working on updating the onboard system software. there only so much you can do at one time.

Sony's putting out more games, they are working on service updates, working on updating the HTML5 web browser, Near..and its less than 4 months on the market. Give them some time [email protected]

many gamer's today it seem's have the IMPATIENCE of a child of the age of 5 who keep's asking "are we there yet"

Megaton2109d ago

MOMENTUM! It's like a drinking game. Take a drink every time a Sony exec says "momentum".

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