3.7 Paul's Shooting Adventure 2 - DSiWare Review

"It's probably not a good sign when you go into a game and say "I hope this doesn't turn out to be shoddy." Sadly, this is exactly what I said to myself as I loaded up the sequel to Paul's Shooting Adventure for the first time. It's like saying "I hope this skillfully-placed trap won't result in my undoing." Walk right into it, and you'll get what's coming. Seriously though, after being so turned off with the turn-out of this troubled shooter, I don't even want to know what the first one was like. Paul's Shooting Adventure 2 is a poor game by the standards of any modern-day platform, and sad to say, having it on DSiWare in particular adds fuel to the fiery claim that the service is full of shovelware." --

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