"Last night I upgraded my Vista desktop machine to Windows XP"

James Cottee's regular Quotes of the Week round-up includes a side-by-side test of windows XP and Vista, where the tester finds the latter to be next to useless.

The article also touches on some commentary regarding the Soul Calibur IV announcement regarding one Darth Vader and Yoda.

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Torch3963d ago

I'd "upgrade" my machine back to XP...and petition for my money back for that crappy excuse of software they call Vista in the process.

You know something's wrong when Microshaft's own products don't work with Vista.

xplosneer3963d ago

I got Vista with my new PC. While most of my games work fine(Civ 4, COD4, Battlefield 2142), my older game(Sim City 4+Expansion) tends to shut down randomly. Vista is a total resource hog, but it's nota big deal if your not a gamer and buy the PC. The thing is, it's completely underwhelming of the general upgrades.

The three things in order from biggest to smallest: Windows Flip 3D(not in Basic). Windows apps have clear outline matching background of item behind it(not in Basic). You can search within folders. I'm not kidding, and there's not much else. DX10 is nowhere near the upgrade DX8>DX9 was (yet, if at all) and DX9 runs better anyways overall. The high frame rate of DX9 outweighs the slight added details in DX10.

So in all it's not BAD, but I don't recommend, heck I'll stop you from, buying Vista by itself without a new computer. Anyone who buys it for over $50 is a fool IMHO.

ruibing3963d ago

I have been unable to play a lot of my old favorites and have seen a performance drop on the new OS. I hope SP1 will fix a lot of these problems.

jaja14343963d ago

Generally speaking, you really never should upgrade your OS alone. You should just wait till you buy/make a new computer.

Kleptic3962d ago

well I wouldn't say that DX9 to DX10 is not as big as DX8 to DX9a...if you only count DX9c, that is a huge bump from DX8...but I remember all the hype about DX9 years ago, and felt underwhelmed at that point with the early DX9 games also...once more games are dedicated to DX10, it will start to show how much it really has to offer...

in either case...I have just been involved in my first Vista fiasco over the last two weeks...for some reason I can't seem to own a laptop for more than a year without the CD drive refusing to read music CDs...I get different answers from everyone I talk to...but, in case anyone can the is the story in short...

bought a Sony C140g business laptop in November 2006...had XP MCE, with a free upgrade to Vista Home Premium included...recieved Vista in early Feb 07, and have used it ever since...I only recieved the upgrade version of Vista though, which is funny how little sense it makes...will get to that in a minute...

the notebook has a dual layer DVD/CD burner manufactured by of December 23rd 2007, it will no longer read music cds...and gets very glitchy when attempting to burn CDs...however it will still read burned cds (most of the time anyway, can't figure out why it will read some and not others lately)...and all the dvd functions of the drive still work perfectly...since it would not boot from a loaded boot CD-Rom, I was told by sony that the drive was "ruined"...but the tech did mention that it still sounds like a software issue because of the fact that some CD functions still work normally (will run software "pressed" onto CD-Rom, such as games, utilities, etc without a problem...gets funny with home burned software though)...

So I backed everything up (streamed it to the PS3 no less, great feature)...made a kill-disk boot cd, of which it would not read from the internal drive, had to hook up an external CD burner...then wiped the HDD...that program puts nothing but 0s across the entire plate...then installed vista again...from my upgrade DVD I recieved a year ago...which is where MS made a glaring mistake it seems...the upgrade disc is not supposed to allow a full clean install, only an upgrade from xp and a few other versions of windows...since kill-disk wiped my entire drive, I no longer had the XP MCE partition included with my at first my key for vista would not activate windows again with a message of "this version of windows requires to be installed over an earlier version...please reinstall your original operating system and then launch the vista installer from there...or purchase another Vista key"...haha $215 for the upgrade to the full version of Vista? I then just reinstalled Vista with my upgrade disc again, over the freshly installed version of Vista already on there...if that makes any sense...and it activated just fine with the exact same key...w/e...

but...still have the exact same drive problems...I now get a "a program is trying to use your D:\ drive, would you like to burn this media anyway?" whenever I try to burn a cds are still not recognized at all (asks me to insert a disc, even though one is in there...possibly the most annoying condition a computer could ever have)...and the DVD part of the drive is still flawless...

any help would be great...Sony just recommends buying a new drive for about $300, despite admitting that this phantom program error is most likely the issue altogether... (can't find any generic or even the OE drive anywhere but through Sony...newegg has nothing, as well as ever other major parts store)...I don't want to buy a new drive, only to have the exact same problem... burner is up to date with the latest firmware...first thing I made sure of...any help would be great...

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Bill Gates3963d ago

You people are crazy, bad mouthing M$ Vista. Don't you know that there is a fanboy on thins site that chops heads for people talking negative about ANY M$ products?

Yeah his name is "Bladestar", and he's a SUPER fanboy. I envy him....AHAHHAHAHhAH

Tyrael3962d ago

dude, no offense, but you need to chill

WilliamRLBaker3963d ago

next to useless? lol something tells me this person has no idea what a computer is...probably thinks hes typing on an typewriter and magically the words appear on the net.

SlappingOysters3963d ago

If XP is doing everything with greater reliability then yeah it would be useless. Vista does some things better, but from what I am hearing that is well out-balanced by everything it does bad.

masterg3963d ago

Something tells me you're talking out your ass.
He tells the truth.
Vista is the worst Windows version since Windows Millenium.
On boot up it takes about 40% of the computers resources without running anything. Windows XP takes next to nothing.

ravenguard883962d ago

Is because unlike earlier versions of windows it has a feature that loads commonly used files and files it predicts you will be most likely to use into RAM in order to operate faster. If you open a game or something very memory intensive it releases the RAM and allows the program to use it.

This is a huge misconception with Vista. Vista actually contains tonnes of great features that nobody will ever notice because they are all background. Once programs are made specifically for Vista without the idea of backwards compatibility (which always happens eventually) we will see higher quality at a lower cost to system resources. Direct X 10 is a "joke" because there are no games built for direct x 10, they are built on direct x 9 and have 10 features added. Theoretically a game programmed to use the methods introduced in dx10 should give 30%+ performance boost just because it handles operations in a more efficient manner.

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