[Twinfinite] Locked Out: A Dalliance With Offline Gaming

Nolan McBride of Twinfinite writes: "... Over the course of my time offline, I began to notice a trend: gaming has becoming increasingly unfriendly towards offline players. I don’t pose this argument as a revelation, but rather a reaffirmation of a truth we continually ignore."

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Jourdy2882232d ago

This is an EXCELLENT article, I agree- people who play offline are going to continually get the short end of the stick.
What worries me the most? There will be no future for the Playstation 4 or the Xbox 720 if it's exclusively online. I mean sure- the machines will continue to exist. But if Microsoft decides that the Xbox 1440 is going to need the room taken up by the 720's servers, guess what? They get shut down, and the 720 becomes a useless hunk of plastic- your games will become useless with the servers down.
Again, top notch article.

kingnick2232d ago

Another issue cropping up is games like Diablo III that have a significant amount of content on the servers to prevent cheating/hacking.

If you are from a distant location or have a bad connection being only able to play these games online degrades the experience.

The world is a big place and only having servers in the US, Europe and Possibly Asia doesn't cut it.

The internet has no quality of service and paid games like MMO's should at least have geographically close servers for each region.