OXCGN’s Kinect Star Wars KidGamer Review- Does anger lead to hate?


"When I thought about a Star Wars Kinect game I immediately thought of waving my arms around vigorously trying to smash through goons using a lightsaber and the power of the force, but that Jedi feeling didn’t happen very often unfortunately.

Instead Kinect Star Wars was a mixed bag set of mini-games with a few things that could easily have been improved with more time and work and a few that were tons of fun."

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yesmynameissumo2176d ago

"That's my secret Cap...I'm always angry".

gaminoz2176d ago

It sounds like some of it should have been tossed out and more depth given to what worked.

2175d ago
BadCircuit2176d ago

It's a shame that the Jedi duel aspect, which is what you think would work the best with Kinect, was such a failure.

Pod racing is great, but even the Rancor bit would get boring quick.

Good for little kids :)

Proeliator2176d ago

I like how a kid reviewed it! That works out well.

BadCircuit2176d ago

Yeah it's not really for hardcore Star Wars gamers who want Star Wars BATTLEFIELD 3!!!!!