Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm latest updates

This may not be any big news to some, but there has been some major new news about Heart of the Swarm. And if anyone is lucky enough to pass by MLG Anaheim you will be able to play a sneak peak beta version of the expansion there. None of the recently revealed changes will have anything to do with the races themselves really, it is a bunch of changes to the client itself, but there are some interesting new additions. Most of these changes have been asked for by the community so some of you may be happy to hear that they actually will be implented into the game, although you will have to wait a few months as the release won’t be untill late autumn / early winter.

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No_Pantaloons2079d ago

Those are important updates however without a confirmed release date its hard to show any emotion over the news.

Like all things blizzard, you're bound to be pleased.... if you dont die from old age waiting for it.