Starhawk Changes The Landscape Of The Shooter

Starhawk is an interesting game with some unique features. Does it have the pull to change the way we think about the shooter in general, though? I’m skeptical.

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Echo3072233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

Starhawk is definitely unique and fun, but it's got a boatload of issues right now.

-I've been booted from several games, and there have even been a few minor pockets of lag. I don't think we should have to sit through either of those things since there was a lengthy, open beta.

-You have to be deployed in-game before you can choose your skill selection. You can't choose it while in a lobby or at your home MP world. This is just plain dumb. Why do I have to waste precious game time to make this choice? Let me do it out of game like every other game.

-The hit detection of the drop pods is way off. Dropping in when you spawn is very cool, but I've landed like 15 feet behind vehicles and gotten credit for the kills. That part really needs to be tightened up.

-Stat tracking seems to be completely broken for me. The stats page says I haven't played a game yet, despite playing for 3 hours last night. It does show up for other people so maybe there's just a long delay or something.

-Going out on foot is suicide if you're not planning on finding a perch and sniping. Running to an objective will get you killed every time, and the maps are so big that it takes forever to actually get anywhere. The vehicles are fun, it just sucks that moving on foot isn't really a viable option unless you're sniping or have a really heavy weapon.

Aside from all that, I'm actually enjoying the game, but they've got some big things to fix and balance.

brodychet2233d ago

Haven't come into contact with any of those problems, but the freezing is my biggest issue. So many times, Co-op or Multiplayer, the game just freezes.

Otherwise I experience little to no lag, and love the game.

Echo3072233d ago

I've heard of people having that issue but I haven't experienced it yet.

VonBraunschweigg2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

Not being able to select your skill before you spawn is dumb indeed. I prefer the tank, so I want to start with Rift Affinity, but it's always still on auto-repair because that's what I use during the rest of a game. Now I have to set it back to RA at the end of a game, and of course I dont always remember that. Dumb and weird, wasn't like that in the beta.

For the rest it's fun as hell, very smooth playing most of the time but I've had some issues to (edit: played for 2 days now, about 10 hours total): 3 freezes (in-game and during loading), the occasional "failed to conect" (only when I join a game that's almost full), fortunately no lag but I did got stuck building something, when everything takes 10-15 seconds. But overall it's a delight to play.
I wish this game had an announcer, for when those medals pop-up after a cool kill. Here you are building something, unaware of the incoming Jetbike, and BAM! you got Man Cake! all by accident, it's so funny sometimes. Double Kill! Triple Kill! Fly-squatter! Incoming! Wanted Man and Maaaaan Cake=) An announcer, optional, just for laughs.

ThanatosDMC2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

- Games are hosted by players. Some people have crappy internet. Join the clan made servers or official ones. They have great internet speeds. It's the same as Warhawk.

- The skill thing. I completely agree. It'd be nice if we could choose it before we drop during the beginning of the game instead of looking at that empty green console.

- Never had problems with the drop pod's hit detection, but it might be a laggy server issue, which i usually leave immediately.

- Stat tracking doesnt work on Single Player or Co-op. Only in Multiplayer.

- Being on foot needs good teamwork. Clan up and have some people using squad leader skill and some with rocket launcher skill.

Anyway, my problem with the game right now is how ridiculously useless homing lasers are at higher level of play. The only weapon that is useful is the flak pickup for dog fights. The homing missile is almost useless vs 1v1.

Also, they need to fix/change the flak turret. It has four barrels but only two are working and it's not moving compared to how it was in Warhawk. I thought the devs said they'll change it on release but it still not working.

I dont know if they'll change Hawks stomping on an empty Razorback to catapult it like artillery. Putting three fully loaded jet pack guys to capture the flag is ridiculously effective.

They need to change how clan leaderboards work.

I also freeze in the game from time to time if i have the Engineer skill and i switch to my repair gun. Always the same issue.

Totoro172233d ago

Warhawk was the game that introduced me to online gaming and it holds a very special place in my heart. I bought Starhawk yesterday and I have to say, I was very pleasantly surprised. The biggest question is if it's reminiscent of Warhawk. Yes and no. Yes the graphic style hasn't changed much since 07 :/ and the controls of the vehicles, and such seem fluid like it's spiritual predecessor. No, in the sense that it feels like a brand new experience going in a brand new direction. I love the building/mecha aspect of it. The flight controls definitely take some getting used to, but it's solid and fun. I really hope this game picks up steam. Big plus: DLC will be free. Come on guys, support this awesome game.

ThanatosDMC2233d ago

Change the flight mode settings to Classic Arcade. It's the default flight mode of good ol' Warhawk. The default for Starhawk is for casuals that get slaughtered in the air.

Totoro172232d ago

Thank you will do! Honestly I didn't even look at those option because I was too excited and just started playing lol. Thanks again, pal.

the worst2233d ago

warhawk is more fun
its the better online game

ThanatosDMC2233d ago

Warhawk is just faster and even more dangerous, but Starhawk is getting there. Starhawk just appeals to a broader audience but it hasnt forgotten it's loyal fanbase.

Regent_of_the_Mask2233d ago

Starhawk is just casualized garbage. Most people seem to be sticking to Warhawk anyway.

cpayne932233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

How is starhawk casual? Seems to me that adding the strategy elements makes it more hardcore. I think I'll buy warhawk soon though. Do many people still play online?

Edit: And seriously regent, all you do is complain. Seems like every post you make is negative.

BitbyDeath2233d ago


Go here for the stats.

About 4000 ppl a day, it has just dropped off recently though likely due to a number crossing over to Starhawk.

theunleashed642232d ago

just got my copy today and so far loving the game.