Why PlayStation Plus Members Need to Play Awesomenauts

There is no doubting the success League of Legends has garnered in the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genre of games. But if you’re strictly a console gamer, like me, you’ve probably never even heard of the MOBA genre because it’s usually only available on the PC platform. Awesomenauts attempts to change this pattern. Ronimo’s second game, Awesomenauts is a MOBA that works beautifully on consoles and it demands every gamer’s attention, especially if you’re a PlayStation Plus member.

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kylebarreira2257d ago

I love this game so much. good article.

phantomexe2257d ago

i can't get into it. i downloaded it and tryed it out, it's just not for me free or not.

irishyort2257d ago

I hate with a passion this PSN plus stuff at the moment cause my Vita doesnt play half of this stuff.

Sony needs to make it available to both PS3 users AND Vita users or call them something different so theres no confusion to the PS noobs like me! (I assume only noobs or myself get confused by this not the seasoned PSN goers?!)

Nakiro2257d ago

PS Vita is not a PS3.
If you bought it expecting every single thing to carry over you set your expectations too high buddy.

irishyort2257d ago (Edited 2257d ago )

See this is why I am confused. Playstation Plus and the PSN indie style games are only little things (Not fully boxed major releases, "usually" all well under 500mB) that would probably make it on the iOS and Android sites if the developer chose to?

So why arent these little games not available on all Sony's top platforms like the Vita. My thing is then, if you arent going to make an effort to put them on all systems, why not call them PSN +3 and PSN +V instead of just grouping it all? So idiots like me dont get excited about playing Journey, Trine 2 or The Walking Dead which would seem small enough to play on iOS device like my phone but apparantly not on my Vita.

ChickeyCantor2257d ago (Edited 2257d ago )

Because those games aren't compiled ( usually needs different/extra lines to make it compatible with different platforms etc) for the Vita hardware?
It's not impossible. They just havn't.

It's not about data size. It's simply the decisions that are made by the developers.

rdgneoz32257d ago

@irishyort You do realize that PS+ came out before PS Vita? They have certain games / free items available for PS3 in particular and then also playable on handhelds, which is why you are able to play "half of this stuff". Hell, I wouldn't mind playing some of the Vita games on the PS3 since I don't have a Vita, but it doesn't work that way.

Also, certain devs only make their games available for certain systems, not every system. So if you want to complain about Trine 2 or Journey etc, then complain to the devs that you want them to port it to the Vita as well. Don't complain about Sony / PS+ having a discount for that game and it not being available on your system/handheld of choice.

In addition, in the PSN store you can look through games based on what system they're available on, so there's no confusion as to a PS3 only game not working on the Vita.