Digital Downloads vs Retail: The Rise of Digital Downloads

It’s kind of inevitable that downloads will be the future. It’s also safe to say that physical copies of games will be around for a few more years yet. But when could we expect DD (digital downloads) to overtake retail?

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ChunkyLover532172d ago

Digital will not take over physical media anytime soon. Digital music was supposed to overtake physical CD's years and years ago and it hasn't happened yet.

The internet is the biggest issue, a lot of people have bandwidth caps, like me for instance. The internet as a whole isn't set up to download the huge size of these games that are coming out. Imagine the amount of people who would try to download the new GTA or Max Payne 3? Peoples would be downloading for days in order to get the games.

Even if in 10 or 15 years physical media is at around 15% of all sales, that is 15% of billions of dollars. I don't think companies will want to lose out on that.

If we learned something from the PSPGO, its that while people might be okay with music in a digital form, but when they buy a $60 game, they want to actually own the game.

PS-Analog2172d ago (Edited 2172d ago )

Internet Speeds are improving rapidly. I live in a small town and my internet allows me to dl about 1 gig every 25 mins. Bigger cities are loads faster.

Like stated in our article, the amount of DD version of full games have ramped up loads since 2011. Not saying this alone is enough but publishers are seeing the potential. Now if price become competitive and DD game are sold on multiple online retailers then thsi has evry chance.

Things are changing and the way we buy games will too.

edit at below: Not talking about 1 replacing the other but at what point will Digital downloads will start selling more than retail. Check out article

Hicken2172d ago

Which is all well and good, but internet infrastructure is NOT prepared to handle six million people downloading Halo 4 on its first day of release. Nor are ISPs willing to have bandwidth caps high enough. NOR does everyone have access to internet/speeds that would make this viable. NOR are there any sort of competent ownership rights available. NOR will the majority of core gamers go for this. NOR would retailers have a desire to stock systems for companies who offer much cheaper versions of retail games online. NOR are the majority of those games available for digital download full sized retail games.

There's FAR too much in the way of this becoming the norm any time soon.

PS-Analog2172d ago

How many people astually read the article? Judging by the peoples comments, not many.

SaiyanFury2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

Perhaps DDs will start to outsell retail copies, but not in my area. My wife and I live out in the country with barely livable 3mbps DSL. Our signal only registers up to 2 *actual* mbps. And our ISP is having a lot of financial troubles, meaning unless we go with expensive and capped satellite internet, we'll be downgrading to dialup. Which will render much of our house connectivity shut down. I can safely say that I will be buying from retail stores for a long time to come.

Blacksand12172d ago

Sony already tired it with the PSPgo and lost so I don't think they will try that way again.

Blacksand12172d ago

Which company do this first will lost the next gen battle.

PS-Analog2172d ago

next gen consoles will no doubt have phsical media but the on line store will be a lot stronger andwill continue to grow.

AdmiralSnake2172d ago

No it won't, their prices on the store are retarded, especially on the PSN.

Sony games are still overpriced compared to the retail, so unless they can actually update or keep it competitive, it will completely fail.

AdmiralSnake2172d ago

There is a market for both, it exist already.

GraveLord2172d ago

Games keep getting bigger each gen.

Todd Papy(Sony Santa Monica) said that God of War III won't be coming to the PSN Store because it is too big. Imagine how big PS4 games will be? Internet Speeds are still really expensive and they won't be getting cheaper any time soon.

AdmiralSnake2172d ago (Edited 2172d ago )

Little Big Planet is on the PSN, and it was around 45 gigs or so. All they need to do is optimize it like MM has done for LBP and just do it for GOW3.

TriangleOffense2172d ago

my fear with this has become in the terminology of all theses TOS agreements we sign up for. if you dont have a HDD big enough to hold everything then when the network or service becomes unavailable you have lost the game forever and like they said in the Sony TOS your buying a licence to the game not the game.

Ill stick with my full retail copies for some time but dont get me wrong I do support digital but I would much prefer it to be handled a little different

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