Study Shows Video Games Help Surgeons Perform Fewer Errors

Gaming Blend "The next time you're having your liver removed, your rectum repaired or your cerebrum stitched, you might want to find out just how avid a gamer your surgeon is. That's right, surgeons with mad gaming skills actually perform better surgery than non-gaming surgeons. How's that for video games being a necessity for saving a life?"

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Titanz2207d ago

I <3 the Trauma center series.

TheSuperior 2207d ago

Its all about that hand eye cooridination xD

TopDudeMan2207d ago

This study is great and all that, but if I go in for surgery, the least of my worries is gonna be whether the person performing it plays games or not.

vortis2207d ago

Yes, but this study shows that it might be something that you should be worried about.

I'm sorry but if I go in for surgery I'm hoping my surgeon knows how to pull off a down-to-forward LP combo out of a drop kick cancel into a dragon-uppercut falling SP attack.

At least I'll know homeboy will be able to utilize quick reflexes to fix any artery spills.

TheModernKamikaze2206d ago

If I play GTA and Manhunt will I be a great surgeon? :)
Just kidding folks.