Serenia Fantasy: Browser RPG Goes Retro

KoramGame Ltd announced today that they are releasing a new browser based RPG. Serenia Fantasy is inspired by the classic look and feel of the JRPG games from the 1990′s, the height of popularity for this style of game. While not promising to single-handedly return JRPG games back to their previous glory, they are offering a chance at some retro style gaming.

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Spenok2138d ago after reading nothing extra on the actual article (though there were some pictures) and having a look around for any extra info... I am a little lost.

The pictures kind of look like its a browser based MMO, yet the article says it is a classic return to 90's RPG greatness.

However which one is it?

Instigator2138d ago

I guess the "90's RPG greatness" refers to graphics/art style and possibly gameplay, while browser based just mean it's played using your web browser. It isn't necessarily an MMO, though the HUD certainly looks like it.