Are XBLA Games Overshadowing Exclusive Triple-A Releases for the Xbox 360?

With each passing year, the line between the average triple-A product and a solid XBLA game continues to blur - so much so, that XBLA games are beginning to overshadow their triple-A exclusive counterparts.

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Bathyj2234d ago

It used to be a games machine, now its a box for streaming media.

h311rais3r2234d ago

A console that millions enjoy. How long u been cooped up away from society?

dubt722234d ago

Think of it as a more successful Playstation 3!

BlackTar1872234d ago

is it more successful though or has it just been out longer?

Game4life2234d ago

i hope everyone realizes i was joking. Seriously though, all i ever hear about it now is how much people use it to stream videos. It's kinda disapointing to hear as im a gamer.

BlackTar1872234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

Dubt at least prove to me it is. I thought that on a year by year basis ps3 sells more on avg. you can prove me wrong and i will accept it. Im not hard headed just for fun.

I think though you may have a hard time proving it in the simple fact that if the ps3 has made any ground up on the original 7- 10 million or w/e it was you automatically are wrong.

So you are basically just saying Ill plug my ears scream out nonsense and hope no one notices?

Wolf i knew you were joking but you pick the wrong website to joke LOL.

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Persistantthug2234d ago

A KINECT add on peripheral.

_Aarix_2234d ago


You really think crap like that is funny?

Do you have any idea how many haters on here spam and post retarded and annoying comments praiseing their love for ps3 and hate for 360 for hypocriticial reasons.

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Edward752234d ago

Even though most xbla games don't come close to the full disc released titles there are quite a few that are deserving of more playtime. MS does know how to make money. This is no exception. Does anyone here dispute that xbla games make more money then PS3 games released on Sony's network? Just like the article pointed out, does anyone dispute that Sony is pushing more exclusives now then MS? It is just the direction that both systems have went. Both have huge upsides. Just play what you like!

jetlian2234d ago

MS is covering more bases. XBLA has way more than psn. Ps3 has more core exclusives but less casual than 360

dubt722234d ago

In response to the article: maybe. But I've played Trials more than many full-fledged games I've purchased.

thebudgetgamer2234d ago

How can you overshadow something that is nonexistent.

Siren302234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

Trails evolution is one of the best games I've played this year on any platform. Witcher 2 is a close second

Edit: I wasn't trying to pass off witcher 2 has a 360 exclusive.

thebudgetgamer2234d ago

"Exclusive Triple-A Releases"

JsonHenry2234d ago

I have said from the start this generation that the rise of indie/small dev games has been better and more profitable than most AAA full price titles. XboxLive arcade, PSN, and Steam/ have really helped push them forward.

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