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GamesRadar: "Mario and his friends have been trying their fat, cartoony hands at a number of different sports and activities for years, though it’s generally agreed that Camelot Software’s Mario Tennis franchise is near the top. Yet despite its popularity the series skipped over the DS entirely, so it’s no wonder that the buzz surrounding the 3DS iteration, Mario Tennis Open, had an air of excitement since it was first announced. It has been nearly seven years since Mario gripped a tennis racket, and to fans, that’s seven years too many."

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Titanz2112d ago

There's so much content within the title, that I find this review really hard to believe.

GuruStarr782111d ago

Wow... no single player campaign!?

Preorder cancelled... what were they thinking?!

I guess Nintendo and camelot got lazy and figured they could just rely on the 'Mario' name to move units (which they still will to the un-informed).. too bad, so sad..