Minecraft Owners Denied Refunds for Lack of Split-Screen

The recently released Xbox 360 edition of the ever popular world-building game, Minecraft has had a somewhat rocky launch, as the game’s split-screen ability was not properly elaborated on to early purchasers. Unbeknownst to many of those who bought the game, the much-vaunted couch co-op functionality of the XBLA title is only available to those with an HDTV.

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Emilio_Estevez2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

Dead Rising does the same thing. And Mojang didn't develop this one, 4j studios did.

TheModernKamikaze2263d ago

Not telling the consumers that there's a catch in what you get: bad.

Bereaver2262d ago

Tell me about it. My friend bought TERA and wasn't aware that game time cards weren't ready yet. So that 30 free days he got for pre-ordering can't be used because you have to have a subscription setup in order to play. Even if it is *free*, you still need to have a subscription ready to start when the 30 days are up. Talk about stupidity.

Ser2263d ago

Only available for HDTVs eh?...Well, I can sympathize with the folks that were burned on this one...Of course, I'm only sympathetic if there was no fine print indicating that you needed an HDTV. If there was fine print...learn to read it?

hazelamy2262d ago

the thing is, by all accounts, there wasn't.

this would seem to indicate that was in fact the case.

of course, i just checked, and they've added a line at the end about needing an hdtv.

but if they think that covers them for buyers who bought before they changed it, they're very much mistaken.

scee tried the same bullshit, changing the description of a product and expecting that new description to hold water, when they screwed up the minis pick and mix sale from christmas.

and they had to give refunds, ms will too.

chadachada1232261d ago

Why would you get 4 disagrees...for supporting the guy right above you? That makes absolutely no sense.

ElementX2263d ago

I'm surprised how many people own a 360 or PS3 and don't have an HDTV. I've had an HDTV for years, the first one I got was one of those massive Sony Trinitron tube tvs but it displayed up to 1080i and I was able to play some original Xbox games in 720p

N4GGamer2262d ago

Think yourself lucky that you're not the typical parent who just bought his son/daughter minecraft to play in their own room. Kids don't get HDTV's for their bedrooms and most minecraft players are kids.

GroundsKeeperJimbo2262d ago

Was digging around on the Minecraft forums and it seems that in Sub-HD split-screen all the text became un-readable, and a few of the textures would just look terrible.

Seems to me that you can patch in the ability and let the players decide if they want to stomach the graphics in sub-HD themselves.

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The story is too old to be commented.