Capcom May Bring The $1,300 Resident Evil 6 Premium Edition To North America If You Want Them To

Over in Japan, Capcom has a Resident Evil 6 Premium Edition up for purchase that comes in at roughly $1,300 and Capcom may bring a few of them to North America.

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Blastoise2263d ago

Just $1300? Sign me up!


Soldierone2263d ago

If it comes with keys to unlock ALL future Capcom discs so I get ALL the content when I buy it, and not have to buy the keys, then sign me up too :P

guitarded772263d ago

Hustlers gotta get the premium edition.

Fylus2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

@guitarded, I love you.

okay... awkward.

Anyways, I hope this edition comes with a free car. it can even be used, I don't care.

moparful992263d ago

oh mi gosh guitarded that made rofl lmao lol hahaha... Thanks for that...

egidem2263d ago

There are times when some of us, as members of the human race, simply fail at life and force the rest of us to question the motives for such reasoning.

This is one of those moments.

I don't care how good the game is, but the moment you price a video game at a ridiculously steep price like this one, it shows that your only incentive or motive is to make money, and the game simply comes last.

The Jacket won't enhance your gaming in Resident Evil 6. It won't improve your accuracy in shooting, or increase your gun's power. It won't make your campaign any different from the guy who will go ahead and wait just 1 day for a PC release then pirate the game, all for the simple cost of $0, versus the $1,300 they want you to shell out.

It won't give you preferential treatment or make you special in the eyes of Capcom, because it shows that all they care about is the money, nothing else, not even the game itself.

...and then they have the nerve to be disappointed when someone discovers locked characters on disc that need more money to be unlocked???

Bleucrunch2263d ago

@ guitarded77...LMAO thank you Im freaking cryin over here! I know exactly who would pay for this asinine edition...The same people that purchased the COD elite package....

morkendo232263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

SIGN up for what?? their is NOOOOOO video game worth 1,300. dont give a RAT-ASS what the content about (all unlockable) or if had ziconic diamonds rapped around the jacket with Versace design still not worth 1,300.00
no game worth more than 59.99 even 60.00 to much in these times.

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The_Devil_Hunter2263d ago

Is this like a Versace or Diesel jacket or what? Why so goddamn much for this. Ive only seen jackets this expensive at Bloomingdales lol. And Tablet covers, who the hell cares about tablet covers?


Even if that was the case, this jacket wouldn't be worth it. Usually, even Dieses or Versace aren't.

Take a picture of the jacket, bring it to a good tailor that works with leather (they are usually making bike jackets and suits). You'll have a better jacket, perfectly suited to your size and chances are you're spending 500 bucks less than some fancy brands charge you.

I had 3 bike jackets done like that, much better than any Alpinestar I had ever seen. Just make sure the tailor use good quality leather (most good tailors don't work with bad materials, but check it anyway).

The_Devil_Hunter2263d ago

I actually like Diesel.& i have bought plenty of clothing, jeans, belts, shoes, shirt all pricey except I know when items over 300 are an exaggeration.


Indeed, they do make quality products. But most are overpriced, just because of the fancy brand. But it's like that with mostly every piece of renown brand clothes anyway...

brish2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

The worst part is $1300 doesn't include disk locked content. That's extra!

Gamer19822263d ago

Totally not worth it the price is mostly for the leather jacket.

Derekvinyard132263d ago

scumbags they are. lets vote yes so they waste there money bringing it here and not buy it. milk them for there money just like they milk there customers

egidem2263d ago

That's cruel and hars, but they deserve it.

xflo3602263d ago

Or you could spend that money on a wii u, xbox 720 AND a ps4!
Thats all 3 future console and with money to spare.
Some people will buy anything!

roadkillers2263d ago

HAHA! This has to be the third or fourth time I've come to this article just to read your reaction again.

Nimblest-Assassin2263d ago

Screw this, now if they could bring the AC3 freedom edition sign me up for that


wow with this i can pay 2 months worth of rent, a blow up doll, a new gaming chair , 20 ps3 games , a mountain bike, and just for shits and giggles all justin beibers crappy cd's which then i can blow it all up with c4 like a boss

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user54670072264d ago

Really...who would want them to bring that kind of edition over here

Hey Capcom remember the amazing RE HD Collection collectors edition you had


or how about the good looking RE5 CE

Yeah why couldn't you of brought them over to NA and even Europe.

Honestly they are so out of touch with their fan base.

Just give us an amazing, affordable CE

I know I'm sticking to my guns and buying it a month later but it would be nice to see if the CE has gone down in price by then

jc485732264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

the dumb people that defend Capcom's ways. You know, people who have no problems with disc locked content and all in SFxT. Delusional bastards would buy Crapcom to stay high.

kreate2263d ago

'people who have no problems with disc locked content'

michael pachter comes to mind...

BringingTheThunder2263d ago

crazy rich people who need a jacket

GamersXTREME2263d ago


When I was at New York Comic Con back in October, one of the vendors had the RE HD Collection for PS3 imported from Japan and wanted $110 for it. I actually would've bought it but only if it was the Asian version, which has English VO. The Japanese version is strictly all in Japanese, with no option to switch the subtitles or language.

You're entirely right though, Capcom is really out of touch with their fan base.

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dorron2263d ago

Lol at whoever buys this...