No Rockstar At E3 2012?

It appears that Rockstar, the makers of such games as GTA IV, Red Dead Redemption and others will not be exhibiting at E3.

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PerpetualMathx102202d ago (Edited 2202d ago )

i bet during microsoft's press conference this is shown as a timed exclusive or dlc timed exclusive game with a new trailer and thatll be it, sort of like when GTA IV was shown at e3. but as to when it comes out though who knows...

crimsonfox2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

I don't think R* would do that again if they did I'd be really surprised. It made sense from a business stand point last time but I don't think it ended up selling as well as they thought it would being a timed exclusive But R* did make good money before the game even came out so we'll see. Either way I'm confident R* will give us a full game anyway they never half ass any of their work. And always have good DLC to back it up.

xPhearR3dx2201d ago

Didn't think it would sell that well? It's still in the top 10 played games on XBL even after 4 years.

crimsonfox2201d ago

I know it sold well its GTA, I'm talking about the DLC, for being a timed exclusive I remember an article saying it didn't sell as much as Microsoft expected it to.

Diver2201d ago

just one more reason no gta v this year. even rockstar isn't gonna launch a game without a big date announcement so they can nab preorders.

Gaming1012200d ago

GTA 5 no-show at E3 guarantees it isn't coming out this year, not even a 1% chance. Historically when GTA is at E3, it always releases later that year in Oct. Given the development of what has been shown already the game definitely isn't ready to release this year so their absence just makes sense.

morganfell2200d ago

Laughable that there are at least 7 people holding on to the idea that GTA V will launch this year.

SolidStoner2200d ago

I dont think they need to, Its "Rockstar" makers of GTA, who dosnt know that one?

and who dosnt know that GTA5 will be amazing!

scotchmouth2200d ago

Rockstar has a tendency not to show at E3. Nothing new here

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OMEGAZONE2201d ago

Theres no way they would appear at Microsoft's press conference, for a game as big as GTAV they want maximum coverage and all cameras will be on Sony & Nintendo

YodaCracker2201d ago

Considering Microsoft's E3 conference is pretty much treated as a special television event, airing live on SPIKE TV for the second year in a row next month, I'm pretty sure the most cameras will be on Microsoft.

gatormatt802201d ago

they'll either be there and steal the show, or they'll have their own press conference sometime after e3 IMO.

jjdoyle2200d ago

It'd be a shocker if they showed up at Nintendo's for sure.

This just reminds me of Jaffe last year and the "Nope not gonna be there" interview/line, then him being spotted before the event.

showtimefolks2200d ago

they will release a trailer a day or 2 before E3 so all anyone will talk about is GTA5.

they are bigger than E3

also to people saying MS conference i don't think so, the DLC didn't sell as well as RS hoped as exclusive so this time expect them to launch on both consoles at same time, if there is dlc

hellztourguide4202200d ago

Umm...this article is dumb. It clearly states that take-two interactive will be there and they own rockstar.

TotalHitman2200d ago

Lol, you'll never see a GTA timed exclusive on a console again. There's too much money to be made.

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S25802202d ago

Well take two will be there, so i expect R* to have some presence. They don't really do E3 anyway, they seem to do things on their own time.

MurDocINC2201d ago

They reach that point where they don't have to show, just like valve. U know u going to buy it and love it.

crimsonfox2201d ago

They never attend these things.
This isn't news.

Valenka2201d ago

I don't recall ever seeing Rockstar at E3 before anyway. Even though Take Two will be there, I doubt anything Rockstar's been working on will be shown.

kingdavid2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

They used to in the san andreas days. Havent been since then though.

Also what happened to agent? Im still waiting on that.

gedapeleda2200d ago

Yeah i want to know about agent.It's been 2 yearn without info.Last thing they told on R* web was it's shaping up to be spectacular...

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