FortressCraft dev calls police after suffering DDoS attack on Minecraft XBLA launch day


FortressCraft developer Adam Sawkins has called the police after suffering a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack on his game's website the day voxel rival Minecraft launched on Xbox Live Arcade.

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Emilio_Estevez2235d ago

That's messed up that he tweeted Notch with rage like that when he could have easily sued the pants off that knock-off artist and his game would never have seen the light of day. Obviously Notch himself had nothing to do with it.

blue7_72235d ago

Yeah sort of like how Nintendo should sue sony for blatantly copying Super smash brothers right?

I don't get why this guy gets so much hate for copying minecraft. When do you guys not realize this whole industry is made up of games that copy of each other. Their is nothing wrong with that a little healthy competition is never a bad thing.

I think it's messed up that this guy gets so much hate and this is definitely uncalled for let the guy go on with his business he is just trying to make money what's wrong with that everyone does it.

user54670072235d ago

The hate is there because of the fact that the guy comes off as an immature arsehole who can't even admit that he was at least INSPIRED by Minecraft.

The difference with SSB is that Nintendo took that idea from The Outfoxies so it's not like SSB is the original that started the genre. Fans have been asking Sony for years for a SSB game for the PS3, they delivered giving what fans wanted. It would be differen't if they turned around and said "SSB didn't have any impact on this game, it's a totaly differen't game" like what Adam says about Fortresscraft but Sony havent said that

Very poor example by the way

Adam is getting what he deserves, as DrStabwounds has said Notch has been cool about FortressCraft and at the end of the day he could of sued his arse but he didn't

Terraria/CubeWorld are perfect examples of games that were inspired by Minecraft. FortressCraft however is a clone.

AdmiralSnake2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

How did Sony Copy SSB when SSB isn't even the first to do a massive fighting game with iconic characters ?

Beyond stupid, use a different comparison please.


Have you ever been to the arcade in the 90's ?

Probably not since you brought up MvsC. I could only laugh at the comment section most of the time. Filled with nonsense, you need a history lesson in your video games sir.

WeskerChildReborned2235d ago

Lol that is totally different. I think Sony's new game was inspired by Super Smash Bros but it isn't an exact copy of it. Just the same 2D style fighting game with mutiple characters.

dark-hollow2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

I really won't point the BLATANT similarities if you are that deluded.

Fighter with iconic characters? That's not the problem here. Does MvsC looks like SSB? Not even close.

Even the developers themselves admit that its heavily borrowed from SSB.

blue7_72235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

lol @ your responses if that's what you guys want to call it "inspired" then lets call it inspired but you guys understood the point I was trying to make and it just proves my point.

Everyone copies I mean gets inspired by other games so why is this guy special and getting hated on the way he does. It's obvious fortresscraft was "inspired" by minecraft what is the crime in that it's not like they are an exact replica. Their are a lot of call of duty clones out their you don't see them get sued bunch of hypocrites in here it seems. The list goes on for games that other people have copied.

Like I said this whole industry is made up of games that take "inspiration" from other games so why all of a sudden should this guy be sued for what pretty much every developer does.

Yes the new smash brawl game from sony does copy get inspired by super smash bros if you can't see the similarites then you are the delusional one sure their are differences but their are also some differences between fortresscraft and minecraft yet people still bash it hypocritical much. I'm not bashing it the game looks great I'm just giving an example whether good or bad you guys understand what I'm trying to say so stop acting like you guys don't.

You guys are just getting mad because you know it's true so all you have to rely on is trying to insult me since you have nothing else.

SixZeroFour2234d ago

@mikecosgrove why do ppl still say he doesnt admit it was inspired by minecraft, it says it in the credits itself, and its been there since the beginning

MidnytRain2234d ago

The least he could have done was chosen a name that didn't SOUND like a rip-off, lol.

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user54670072235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

The guy is an arsehole, I said this in the "Is FotressCraft a clone article" and got disagreed to death.

The guy thinks that FotressCraft is an original idea that hasn't been done before and is not a rip off/clone or even inspired by anything. Did anyone see his rant which was on his Youtube ages ago, he's just an immature guy who has cashed in on Notchs success.

You have the money Adam what more do you want...

The thing what bugs me is that he claims his features in his game which aren't present in Minecraft is what makes his game not a rip off but it's not like it hasn't been done by mods.

DasTier2234d ago

Isnt that guy which made fortressraft a member of the F.A.G (federation of asshole gamers) over on youtube? if thats true then i agree this guy is a douche.

GamingPerson2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

He cashed in already so he needs to stop complaining!

jmac532235d ago

Smells like a fabricated publicity stunt to take attention away from minecraft and give it to his knock off.

Captain Qwark 92235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

not gonna lie, never heard of fortresscraft until now. and while it looks solid no doubt, i can already tell you part of the reason it wont be successful. the "ui" and "art". the gun and cell phone are so out of place that they take away from the game and make it look cheap. its that simple, two different arts that dont mesh well and take away from immersion.

work on those and the game would instantly look higher quality.

now on that note, having read his reasonings it would be hard to say hes wrong. seems to me like his inspiration came from infiniminer. prob a case of god of war here. people seem to think gow invented the action genre and every action game released these days is a gow clone, even though gow was not the first action game, just one of the most popular.

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