Beyond Good & Evil 2: Three new stunning screenshots

New screenshots of Beyond Good & Evil 2.

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FredEffinChopin2262d ago

I like the style a lot. It's hard to care too much though, knowing this is next gen. I wouldn't be surprised if it got canceled altogether either.

NukaCola2262d ago

I loved the original trailer. I really loved the tech demo that was leaked. This sequel looks to really take a huge leap forward. I love the art style. I hope the game doesn't get kanked.

GamingPerson2261d ago

If this is next gen then :(

Merrill2262d ago

Are these leaked? I don't care if they're not leaked images...

TheLyonKing2262d ago

What was the premise behind the first one again, I forget and does anyone know the kind of story this one will be?

Merrill2262d ago

You can download the first one on PSN/XBL.

It has Trophies/Achievements.

TheLyonKing2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

cool might do that :)

Thanks, bubble for you for being helpful