Soul Sacrifice: Gameplay Details, Videos, and Commentary From Keiji Inafune

The Soul Sacrifice trailer Sony shared today did not include any gameplay. But attendees at today's unveiling press conference were shown a live gameplay demonstration and provided lots of gameplay details from planner Keiji Inafune himself.

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NewMonday2080d ago

the art+ concept sold this game to me, and the A-list development team also helps

Abash2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

Im happy I have a Vita for this game

NewMonday2080d ago

i notice Sony Japan studios are really coming out with this game and Gravity Rush, maybe they will work mostly on Vita and the western studios will do more work on the PS3/4

portal_22080d ago

From what I could looks excellent.

konnerbllb2080d ago

Nah.. I'll pass on so suck.

pr0digyZA2080d ago

Should have punched the guy in the head for blocking the screen.

dorron2080d ago

At first I thought this was something like Demon's souls, but now I see it's not...I've lost interest on it. Anyway, I'll keep an eye on it just in case it turns out to be good.

firelogic2080d ago

Of course. Because all games need to be like Demon's Souls to be good.

PirateThom2080d ago

I haven't lost interest... but the use of "Soul" and artwork made it seem like it could be a "Souls" game.

xursz2080d ago

Word is producers from Demon's Souls are contributing to development for Soul Sacrifice as well.

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