GamesBeat: Toy Soldiers: A Great War in a small box (review)

Some say war never changes. Others believe war is hell. Still others think erecting a carefully detailed diorama re-enacting World War I’s pivotal battles using nothing but glue, paint, and a helmetful of imagination beats doughboy muckwork any day of the week. Toy Soldiers musters its forces squarely for the latter’s camp, and when the smoke clears and the sirens silence, a lightheartedly entertaining game emerges the victor.

Originally an Xbox Live Arcade title released in 2010 by developer Signal Studios, Toy Soldiers heads to the PC as a Games for Windows Live port. It’s a tower defense game, but it brands itself an action-strategy hybrid instead. That’s not a cheap disassociation from the often repetitive tower defense genre; rather, Toy Soldiers’ action elements neatly complement its base-building backbone.

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