The Five Worst Gaming Consoles of All Time

Though console fanboys like to claim such nonsense as "the PS3 sucks balls" or "the 360 is a piece of crap," the truth is that none of the modern gaming systems are really that awful. Sure the Nintendo Wii only has five games worth playing, but at least grandma can enjoy a round of Wii Golf now and again. Point is that we're taking a look at five truly stupid video game consoles. Ridiculously designed pieces of plastic meant only for eating your money and making you sad.

Did you own any of these clunkers?

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Jourdy2882116d ago

LOL, I don't own one of them :D

darthv722116d ago

not sure why it is on the list. Considering it is a consolidation of the genesis and sega cd into one. Each one on their own are good platforms.

To think the sega cd failed to sell and yet looking at the huge list of titles released for it would somehow counter that thought.

In place of the cdx I would have listed the Nuon. Considered by many to be the next generation in the tech behind the Jaguar. Yeah the jag had some stinkers but it also had some greatness and when VM labs decided to make a next gen is what became known as the Nuon.

A chipset designed to be outfitted into traditional dvd players and play games made specifically for it. Tempest 3000 is one of the better games just as Tempest 2000 was for the jag.

If this article is about "worst" then you would think it would be more centered around the obscure as well. The obscure didnt transition into anything that is memorable other than the legacy of their creation.

Jourdy2882116d ago

True, the Virtual Boy wasn't exactly terrible, just... Yeah.

Kyosuke_Sanada2116d ago

How could they have put the Sega CDX over the Atari Jaguar! Worst controller in history!!!!!

NukaCola2116d ago

LoL, yeah the Taco was such a piece of crap.

IRetrouk2116d ago

For the time it was actually pretty decent, the revision model was a lot better, I remember having fiffa and pandemonium for it

GamingPerson2116d ago

The one that started this whole dlc thing.

dark-hollow2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

The same one the revolutionized online gaming on consoles?introduced downloadable mini games on consoles and achievements/trophies? That's same one?

rustyspoon802116d ago

There are some far worse consoles than these. In the early 80's consoles were coming out all over the place. There was one machine that had a steering wheel, gun and controller all attached to the actual console.

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