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khan_saab2233d ago

This looks really good. I don't see why activison would have cancelled this game. their loss is square enix's gain

Whatsupdog2233d ago

Ji Khaan Saab, this game has always looked like excellent fun. Cant wait for August!

LOGICWINS2233d ago

New AC3 trailer, new Max Payne 3 trailer, and now this? Someone must be reading my mind cause these are the next three games I'm buying :)

belal2233d ago

yes MR khan_saab, it really looks great.

Rampaged Death2233d ago

Looks good. I'll definitely be purchasing it.

supraking9512233d ago

i call this 2012's Deus ex human revolution. Great game that will be released in the dry gaming summer. Good to see Square Enix's name attached to Deus Ex Human Revolution, Sleeping Dogs and Hitman Absolution.

supraking9512233d ago

watching this also makes me want a new Shenmue and Jade Empire

r212233d ago

wow, and i thought the melee in killzone 3 was brutal but damn man, sleeping dogs takes the cake!