Danger In Choices: A Heavy Rain Reflection

Player choice is becoming more and more important in the evolution of the modern game, and a title like Heavy Rain is fully reliant on crucial game-changing decisions. But what happens if the mechanics are broken? Can a poor choice structure ruin the entire experience? Take a peek to explore one gamer's thoughts on the dangers of dependent decisions and the impacts of choice on the overall enjoyment of the game itself.

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Emilio_Estevez2230d ago

Interesting article piece. I know 3 other peoples ending to this game and my own. We all ended very differently. My wife somehow got everyone killed and the Origami killer got away.

NukaCola2230d ago

This game a ton of endings. I think Chrono Trigger still had the most.

Great game. I love that each player has a unique experience all in their own.

Valenka2230d ago

Someone waited a rather long time to play Heavy Rain. Mildly interesting article, but my fandom of the game went down months ago.

Xander-RKoS2230d ago

One of the things I didnt like about the game was the number of meaningless choices. I remember one such choice where you have to evade some pursuers, you can choose left or right...except choosing left still makes you go right.

I have a lot of problems with Heavy Rain, but it was still fun. I just disagree with a lot of the design choices Cage made and the story isnt the masterpiece that some people would lead you to believe (particuarly the reveal).