Elder Scrolls Online: How it can be more successful than Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls has been known for making great games since the beginning. With no flops and only great titles, each one with the highest end graphics and engines of the day, the Elder Scrolls Online looks to become another hit. Both similar to their previous titles in world and occupants, becoming an online game means some significant changes in the world of the Elder Scrolls.

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Chuk52171d ago

Is it an MMO?

Then no, it can't be more successful.

kevnb2171d ago

it can be awesome, and many mmos are pretty awesome but are unfairly compared to wow. An mmo doest have to have people addicted for 5 years to be great. Im sure ill get more than the 40 or so hours I got out of skyrim before I was bored.

SeekDev2171d ago

I hope it's innovative, or at the very least somewhat original. Skyrim felt really stale really soon.