Inside DICE: Tweets from the Battlefield

The latest edition of Inside DICE talks about weapon balance and more.

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OcelotRigz2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

They're the most tweeted questions? Really?
No questions about Suppression, Modkits, Release schedule of patches, Rented Servers, M26 Dart thingy, Battlecorder, End Game etc...

Above is not necessarily things i have problems with or whatever, but whenever im on the BF3 boards these are the things i hear about over and over. The last two being just things people are curious about.

HarryMasonHerpderp2263d ago

EA ruined this game for me with the rented servers
and the fact you can just buy your way through the classes now.

leogets2263d ago

How is it ruined? Theres just clearly more options is all.i cant reply this site has been stindgy with its bubbles for me for a year nearly. 1 bubble huh pffft

Pandamobile2263d ago

Oh noes, people can pay money to get weapons if they so choose D:

The horror!

HarryMasonHerpderp2262d ago

I cant seem to find any official DICE servers and when you search for them its just people who have named their servers DICE >_< I have been kicked out of 10 games for killing the admin and as for paying to unlock all of the gear it kinda ruins the entire unlocks and classes system in the game.People should have to earn the unlocks in my opinion.

lol you're so funny!
some people would say your comment was completely pointless and in no way contributed anything substantial,but not me i thought it was hilarious!