Next Xbox Could Have a Biometric Controller

The controller for the next Xbox might be able to take biometric readings of your hand, according to a recent Microsoft patent. It describes a device that strongly resembles the current Xbox 360 controller, but also comes equipped with pressure sensors capable of identifying individuals or even reading their emotions.

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h311rais3r2203d ago

Scary and cool. But knowing Microsoft it won't work right for a while.

GameOn2203d ago

I cant think of much use for that.Maybe for a horror game, it could sense how freaked out you are and know when you are most vulnerable.

360GamerFG2203d ago

How about to curb account theft? It isn't all about in-game control

GameOn2203d ago

software based security should be adequate dont you think? Does the sensor just pick up how hard you squeeze the controller?? Seems fairly limited in scope to me.

Blastoise2203d ago (Edited 2203d ago )

Looks pretty hi-tech, must be expensive

Morgue2202d ago

It's only available to Gold members.