Diablo III becomes Amazon's most pre-ordered PC game ever

TVGB: "Amazon's made quite the announcement today; Blizzard's Diablo III has become the US retailer's most pre-ordered PC game of all time, beating the company's own StarCraft II and World of Warcraft: Cataclysm."

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rawrockkillz2143d ago

Awesome! In celebration, just release the game a few day early......please.

Drekken2143d ago

I wish they would open servers tomorrow, so I could lose my whole weekend.

This game is bringing me back to PC gaming. I can't wait. I had a horrible D2 addiction... lol. I hope I am able to control myself. 15 years later, I think I will be okay.

shackdaddy2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

Just preordered and predownloaded it yesterday.

I'm realy conflicted now though. The only game I want to play is Diablo 3 and I'm sooooo incredibly bored D:

JonahFalcon2143d ago

I preordered the collector's edition from GameStop.

caboose322142d ago

Oh god that's the worst feeling ever. Happens with every game I get excited for right before release.

Relientk772143d ago

It's the sequel to Diablo 2, that alone is enough for me to buy this game.

Dasteru2142d ago

That's exactly the problem, people buying it based off the diablo name alone. I feel sorry for all the people wasting their money on this crap game. So many people are going to be sorely disappointed when they start playing it.

I am a 9 year vet of D2 and was part of the D3 closed beta and there is no comparison, it is like a completely different (and completely generic) game compared to D2.

No manual stats, a severely dumbed down skill system designed for lazy people that practically builds itself. A very cramped closed feel to the environments and especially the towns (corridor based towns as linear as FF13) No more open PVP, not that their is any point to it anymore since all characters of the same lvl and class are identical now other than slight differences in gear. Kiss LLD goodbye, its completely impossible now. only 4 players per game now. And a lousy online mode that doesn't even have lobbying anymore, as soon as you log in it auto tosses you into a random pre-existing game. Everything about it screams WoW 2.0 and fails even as that.

Spinal2142d ago

The disagrees you got is based on the people that enjoy what blizzard have done to diablo. Including me who loved D2 and played D3 beta. I cant wait for D3 its gone a good direction. All thise manual stats and so on would have just been a nuisance this day an age havin to look online for the best stats per class.

This and Guild Wars 2 which i also loved in beta are my two most anticipated this year.

Dasteru2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

@spunalc0rd: you have just reiterated my point exactly, people too lazy to figure things out for themselves, rather have the game play itself. Big leap backwards in freedom of character design because of it.

JonahFalcon2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

That story is wrong. It is not the most preordered PC ever. said it was the most preordered PC game ever.

[Edit: Fixed.]

DeleteThisxx2143d ago

Everyone totally needed you to point that out, we had no idea he meant game. Thanks.

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The story is too old to be commented.