Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition Review [Digital Noob]

Sunflower says: "The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition has released on 360, bringing its incredibly dark and gritty world to the owners of Microsoft’s console. Does the Witcher 2 break enough new ground to give a compelling experience to people who have never played the first? The first Witcher game was critically acclaimed on PC, and one of its most praised aspects happened to be the rich story and setting. The 360 version comes on 2 discs, with a bonus third disc containing the game’s soundtrack. You play as Geralt, a Witcher – which basically boils down to a mutant that hunts monsters and lives by their own special moral code. They are usually hated – having a Witcher in town means all sorts of bad things are going on, and they’re met with looks of scorn and disdain from common people – but their mission in life is generally to hunt monsters, and not deal in politics."

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