Singleplayer games that could use online multiplayer

With the unveiling of God of War: Ascension’s multiplayer gameplay, there has been a subset of gamers who find the idea blasphemous. Multiplayer is, undoubtedly, becoming more and more pervasive in the gaming industry, and there is some truth to the notion that it is drawing attention away from creating compelling singleplayer experiences.

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user54670072079d ago

I think the only one I agree with is Crash Team Racing

But...not like thats going to happen

Come on ND buy the rights back off Activision.

Outside_ofthe_Box2078d ago

Activision is greedy. They probably already tried to buy the rights but greedy Activision probably asked for a ton of money.

user54670072078d ago

It's sad because Activision aren't even doing anything with the IP any more they cancelled the last Crash game they were making.

TheLastGuardian2078d ago

I have a sudden urge to play Crash Team Racing.

I still have hope that Sony will buy back the Crash Bandicoot rights and get a studio to make Crash games similar to the games Naughty Dog made. I don't think ND wants to go back to making Crash games but that would be awesome if they did.

Eiffel2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

Naughty Dog never owned the rights to Crash Bandicoot. Universal did. Universal had a publishing deal with Naughty Dog before Sony bought the studio, thus both Sony and Universal entered a distribution agreement with the Crash Bandicoot IP, it lasted up until the release of the PS2.

Relientk772079d ago

Crash Team Racing is amazing, its my fav racing game ever and I still play it.

gtxgamer22078d ago

No, amazing singleplayer games dont need multiplayer. Unless its like 5 hours long

Hicken2078d ago

If it isn't shoehorned in- if it's built well from the ground up- then I don't mind.

But if it's just a weak tacked on mode, I may just pass on the whole game.

Kyosuke_Sanada2078d ago

We of the single player delegation would like to trade off Shadow Of The Colossus for Ring Of Red......

fOrlOnhOpe572078d ago

Just completed Kingdoms of Amalur (and its DLC). Fantastic game and my first 'proper'RPG.
Couldnt help thinking though, running through such a huge and awesome world, an online co op mode would take the game to another level (if the game's difficulty was ramped up some lol)

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