The 10: Must Own Video Game Soundtracks

Carly writes:

"Gamers have their own opinions about which video games are the most fun or which are the best games ever. They can spend hours fighting over the which game character is the greatest thing to ever hit the screen. The biggest argument seems to be which system is better, the PS3 or the Xbox 360. DigitalNoob has compiled a list of the 10 video game soundtracks that every gamer should own. Sure, you may not agree but it really isn’t your list and maybe it’ll give you new music to enjoy."

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Snookies122137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

No Kingdom Hearts?? D:

Those games are filled with amazing music.

user54670072137d ago

Jeez...why is FF7 in every "Top..." list

Even the Top...soundtrack ones

FF8 and FF10 did a better job at it's soundtracks then FF7

In my opinion FF8 had the best soundtrack in the FF franchise, so many memorable tracks and the music went really well with the events played out in the game.

Eyes on Me was a great song aswell that really went well with Squalls and Rinoas relationship

I just feel people feel the need to include FF7 on these lists because thats whats going to attract hits

rezzah2137d ago

You could be right in your final sentence or you could be wrong.

Wrong in that you fail to realise that the majority of opinions are against yours. In other words you are the minority and are being vocal about your stance due to a lack of attention.

And if your last sentence is correct, here is how it proves that you are the minority:

Because if FF7 being in the top will draw more people in...then that means more people like FF7 than FF8.

shodan742137d ago

Having all three Mass Effect soundtracks in this list strikes me as pretty unimaginative. There are so many other brilliant game soundtracks out there.

My personal favourite from recent times would be Shatter. Absolutely awesome stuff - and some of the best electronica I've ever heard.

wedgie2137d ago

Some of those are just lazy picks, I would have grouped them together a bit more. I have really enjoyed the Uncharted soundtracks myself.

metsgaming2137d ago

yea Uncharted soundtracks are amazing. I also love the ps2 era ace combat games soundtracks. Streets of Rage 2 was also amazing.

I dont think they should have the gta games on their yes the music in those games were good but they were not made for the game (except Love Fist), same for Saints Row.

wedgie2137d ago

I also can not believe that MGS (pick one, they all have great music) was left off as well.

Fylus2137d ago

Who disagreed with you? MGS had awesome soundtracks.

As for me, I'd also go with Infamous 1 or 2. Infamous had some really cool mellow, techno bass beats that fit everything situation perfectly.

Kyosuke_Sanada2137d ago

Will I ever see a list with Guilty Gear, Shadow Of The Damned, Black, Medal Of Honor (Playstation Version), Vanquish, No More Heroes, Bayonetta, Shin Megami Tensei III, Nocturne, Omega Boost or Folklore.....

I would say Silent Hill butt it manages to to slip in there a few times.

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