WiiWareWave review - VVVVVV (3DSware)

VVVVVV (say the letter V six times) is a Commodore 64 inspired indie puzzle platformer design by Terry Cavanagh originally for the PC back in 2010. Since Nicalis has affection for bringing critically acclaimed indie PC games to downloadable console services such as Cave Story, Nicalis is giving the same treatment for the dimensionally stranded emoticon people on the Nintendo eShop. This creative platformer abandons the norm of jumping from one platform to the next. Instead, you control as one of the Vs who can invert gravity and with a press of a button, he metaphorically falls from the floor and lands onto a spike-free ceiling. Pressing a face button again will have him fall right back to the actual floor. The gameplay mechanics and the personality of almost forgotten historical gaming are both refreshing in terms of presentation and challenge.

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