How Video Games are Taking Over the Movie Industry

Comparing two forms of entertainment may seem cliché, however, when one industry is booming and the other remains unmoved it is a topic of discussion. Over decades Hollywood blockbusters has been the leading form of entertainment but now as statistics are compared more individuals play video games then they go out to see movies. Over the past few years people have come to realize that the movie industry is being overthrown by gaming for a number of different reasons. What may seem old to some is new to others; this sheds new light for those who have never considered playing video games. In recent years the gaming industry has appealed to more and more different groups of people while maintaining a solid base for gamers of all ages… just as the movie industry has done for decades. The difference between the two now lays in pricing, and that is where video games excel...

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TheSuperior 2171d ago

Gaming has taken over the movie industry for years now in almost every way! Gamers RULE!

killcycle2170d ago

I did a course for game design and the money is defo there almost triple more then the movie industry is grossing thats huge and that number is rising.

Tonester9252170d ago

Yes! I'd rather buy video games and play it for months then go to the movies or buy a movie and watch it.... 3-4 times a year. Maybe if that. I'm not a big movie person like I was when I was a kid.

kamruk2170d ago

Not to mention the fact that we are seeing more and more quality video game titles delivering a better cinematic experience than many films. What I find hilarious that we're also seeing the tipping point of movies becoming games to games becoming movies.

Seeing how the home console has become the home entertainment system, I'm curious to see how the next gen will influence our consumption of media.

Iceman X2170d ago

Games are not aking over movie in fact very few movies based on game are good. I think they mean Comics are taking over movies. Prince of Persia was i think the best movie based on a game. Transformers, Tron, Avengers ect are not based on game they're based on Comics or cartoons.

Kratoscar20082170d ago

kojima is a better director than most movie directors.

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