Torchlight II Beta Keys for Seven

Cat writes, "This Mother's Day, get her something she'll really love: a Torchlight II Beta Key! We have two of these beauties up for grabs, and here's what you have to do to win..."


The folks at Runic Games love you SO much, they've given us five additional keys to give out bringing our grand total to seven!

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Lazy_Sunday2385d ago

I really want this too. So I'm just going to post after you in the hopes that they see this.


TVippy2384d ago Show
KingJuggernaut2385d ago

I really loved the original, and have been waiting for this release. Nothing like an awesome dungeon crawler to keep you grinding for hours. Oh yeah and I was the first post so I should Get in!!!! BOOYA!

TekoIie2385d ago

When the fail is so great...

Rynocirator2385d ago

I REALLY want to try this game, hope I get the beta keys.

NeoTribe2385d ago Show