Black Ops II: A new Direction (RQR)

RageQuit Rebels talks about the upcoming direction of Black Ops II and whether it is indeed a good move for publishing giant, Activision with developer, Treyarch.

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kdogdaddy2233d ago

I loved the original Black Ops and hope that BO:II is the title that may begin to bring COD back from it's long, slow demise.

JonahNL2233d ago

Black Ops is my favorite modern Call of Duty. Yes, I even prefer it over CoD4. Why? Juggernaut, Martyrdom and Last Stand. That's why.

"But what about Second Chance in Black Ops?" Yes, that was a fail as well.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to Black Ops II. I really hope it will provide fun, because that's something I haven't had in a Call of Duty game in a long time.

I want Wager Matches!

kdogdaddy2233d ago

I like that it shows a definite push in at least a different direction for the COD franchise.

Losi2232d ago

Trying to restore my faith in the CoD series, hope this game is the one to do that!