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RipTen Interview: Storybricks is Redefining the Word "Game"

Michael Futter writes:

“Our biggest challenge is that people always want to know what Storybricks is like. It isn’t like anything.”

Last night, we had the chance to speak with Brian Green and Kelly Heckman, two people working on one of the most ambitious and exciting Kickstarter projects in gaming right now. Throughout the conversation about Storybricks, a new toolset game storytelling experience, my imagination was reeling at the possibilities. It’s that kind of mind-expanding capability that is the project’s most powerful ally and frustrating nemesis. Ultimately, I was left with only one solution to cease the collision of ideas in my head. I needed to throw out my definition of the word “game.” (PC, Storybricks)

browland1  +   792d ago
I was just reading up on this and Storybricks sounds fantastic. I really do hope they reach their funding goal.
Cataract  +   792d ago
I remember seeing the Storybricks stuff at PAX Prime last year. Cool to see that they're getting things moving!
Snookies12  +   792d ago
This is very interesting indeed!
CrzyFooL  +   792d ago
seems pretty interesting
bfenty  +   792d ago
Have to keep an eye on this one...

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