Fox, FX Meet with Unnamed Distributor over Possible Sons of Anarchy Game

Kurt Sutter announced on Twitter the possibility of a Sons of Anarchy entering development with a major distributor.

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LOGICWINS2262d ago

Great show. It would make a great game if Rockstar was behind it.

Deputydon2262d ago

Rockstar is pretty much the only company I think could make a badass game out of this, and I'm not really even a GTA fan. I think any other company that would actually consider making it would make it far to cheesy.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232262d ago

i love the show. lost and damned was amazing so i am sure rockstar would do an amazing job.

@konabro NO. i love the walking dead game but SoA wouldn't fit that genre. the show is about bad ass bikers and bad ass rides. a big open city based around charming would be better suited

DJLB21152262d ago

Day 1 purchase for me. Nuff said

KonaBro2262d ago

Probably with Telltale Games then since they just got done with The Walking Dead.