UK northerners play Xbox 360, and southerners play PS3 - It's infographic time


In the UK, northerners prefer Xbox 360 and southerners prefer PlayStation 3.
Scots spend the most time playing games and prefer RPGs. South-westerly folk spend the least time playing and prefer adventure games.

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hiredhelp2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

DOH! I play PC im a southerner Thoe had and favour ps3.

The UK spends 9.4 hours a week gaming, on average. In Scotland the average is 11.1 hours, followed by the north-west of England (10.9 hours), the north-east of England (10.7 hours), the south-east of England (9.5 hours), Wales (9.2 hours), the Midlands (9.1 hours), London (8.7 hours) and the south-west of England (5.8 hours).

Who wrote this. ohhh wait Robert Purchese you need get out more.

Pintheshadows2143d ago

Damn casual gamers dragging down my good work in the south east. I blame Suffolk.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232143d ago

FACT southerners buy PS3's to watch last of the summer wine on blu-ray.

everyone knows people don't use there PS3 for games. its for collecting dust so parents know where to go str8 away when cleaning there sons bedroom.


josh143992143d ago

I live in the north west and I play pc, ps3, 360 and vita.

iamnsuperman2143d ago

Would nice to see the other statistics for the North and South to see if there really is a divide.

CRASHBASHUK2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

well the pic does fail press on it for a full size pic and it goes too big on the website

MoonConquistador2143d ago

[email protected], classic comment

I always had us Scots down as the more intelligent bunch, these statistics prove otherwise lol. The more time gaming is definately attributable to the amount of bloody rain we get compared to the Southeast

They also prove though that 94.9% of statistics are completely bloody useless.

Pintheshadows2143d ago

Haha, you could be right although expect a spike in the south east as it hasn't stopped raining here for weeks.

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The story is too old to be commented.