Too soon? First Ghost Recon: Future Soldier DLC announced, priced, dated

TVGB: "With the game not even out yet, Ubisoft may have jumped the gun a bit and announced the first piece of post-launch DLC for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier."

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ritsuka6662143d ago

I think Day 1 DLC is always nothing more than a blatant rip-off. this is just another reason for not buy this game.

Yi-Long2142d ago

... whenever Day 1 DLC is announced for a game, it just means I won't be buying that game or supporting those greedy developers.

WeskerChildReborned2142d ago

Yea kinda feel the same about it. I think day 1 DLC should already be in the game. Ah i remember the times back last gen where all the extra content didn't even cost money.

Dlacy13g2142d ago

Ummm....but did you guys not read the article? This is NOT day one DLC. This is set to release July 3rd... about a month and a half after its release. THIS is not a Mass Effect 3 day one dlc situation...or locked on disc content. I see nothing wrong here. All this tells me is if I love the game there will be more support coming for it.

thePatriot2142d ago

they still have enough time to announce 2nd DLC pack before the game launches.

h311rais3r2142d ago

Not only has ubi killed the ghost recon name (RIP GR,GRIT,GRDS) now thy are jumping on the day 1 bandwagon too? I hate this gen...

ardivt2142d ago

yeah ghost recon is the only ubisoft game I don't really like this gen. it's not that this gen's GR games are bad but the frist two GR games just were so much better. I want a remake of the first game :(

FlashXIII2142d ago

Why do developers do day 1 DLC? When people buy a game on launch they have £40 worth of new content why would anyone need anymore? Anyway I hope this isn't DiscLockedContent if so then I'll add Ubi next to Crapcom as companies I won't support.

Dlacy13g2142d ago

again..NOT day one DLC. Good God, is nobody reading anymore?

spunnups2142d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.