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VGR: Originally released in April 2011, the Mortal Kombat reboot came out of nowhere to be a stunning triumph for fighting games. Fast and fluid combat, paired with a genre-leading story mode, propelled this franchise back into the top tier of its genre. Now, the newly released “Komplete Edition,” filled to the brim with all of the prior year’s worth of available DLC, makes its way to the Playstation Vita. It’s a wonderful transition, but it does raise some concerns for the future of the system.

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PT Fone Home2173d ago

Probably the best review of this game. MK Vita is an excellent game, feels great to play and is stuffed with content, it's a joy to have MK at work and be able to play it 'properly'. The character models are awful though and it makes me wonder why they had to cut back so much on them.