The unnecessary comparisons of Prototype and inFamous

The simultaneous release of Prototype and inFamous show how minor connections can lead to unnecessary comparisons. Adam from has stated his opinion in brief. What do you have to say about it?

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WeskerChildReborned2171d ago

Well the only similarities is that they both are open world superhuman games(I say superhuman because Alex and James aren't considered to be heros).

Regent_of_the_Mask2171d ago

Infamous is still better. Prototype even ended up crapping on itself when they revealed that crappy new protagonist that nobody wanted to play as. That franchise is pretty much dead now as I highly doubt they'll be making a Prototype 3 after that flop.

WeskerChildReborned2171d ago

I did enjoy both Infamous's better but i think Prototype 2 was an improvement compared to Prototype even though they changed the protagonist.

PirateThom2171d ago

The releases came so close together, I felt like a certain demographic of the media MADE the comparisons to try and account for the lack of one of the games on one of the systems.

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KonaBro2171d ago

the raving masses of Xbox fanboys saw that Infamous and Prototype were coming out at the same time and decided to pit the two against each other since Infamous was PS3 exclusive and Prototype was multi-platform. In reality, both were very fun games and P2 definitely is a step-up from the first game. Infamous 2 took it to a new level though.

LarVanian2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

Yeah I can still remember the days when the Mart/Power of Green fought with his heart and soul, arguing that Prototype would be a much better game than inFamous lol. Fun times XD.

smashcrashbash2171d ago

Exactly. They had this idea that multiplats ALWAYS do better then exclusives so took the opportunity to try and prove that point with Prototype and Infamous. PS3 fans were not the ones who started this. It was them who decided to put Infamous and Prototype in competition with each other it prove some stupid point. It was also them who and the media that tried to make competition between Alan Wake and UC2 and Killzone and Halo. No one said that Killzone was a Halo killer but them.

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The story is too old to be commented.