New DMC4 Screens Reveal New Boss

Kotaku Writes:

Famitsu has posted some new screens for the upcoming Devil May Cry 4 that reveal a new boss character. We're not sure what his name is, but he's really, really large and looks to be made of some kind of stone. Some of the screenshots seem extremely reminiscent of the Colossus of Rhodes battle in God of War 2. However, whether the actual gameplay of the battle is the same remains to be seen. I have to say I'm really digging Nero's suitcase cum automatic weapon.

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Joey Gladstone3928d ago


TANOD3928d ago

you mean ARIES at the beginning in GOW2

cant wait to see what GOW 3 will look like

Hopefully GDC and E3 will let us see a glimpse from GOW3

Cyrus3653928d ago

You right, it does look like something out of God of War.

LeonSKennedy4Life3928d ago

David Jaffe ripped off Mundus from the first Devil May Cry...

You guys really need to do some work if you ever plan on becoming journalists or something important.

RecSpec3928d ago

DMC did it before God of War, of course if three was your first one, there's no way you could've known that. Bandwagon fans.

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI3928d ago (Edited 3928d ago )

Thats suppose to be Nero.

In the Final trailer Dante calls that thing Nero and tells him to wake up.

Listen to 2:40 - 2:55.

toughNAME3928d ago

but those screenshots are making it pretty hard to

ErcsYou3928d ago

Why? Is it because its not a FPS or hockey related?

toughNAME3928d ago

screenshots...look at them

also the game in general...I've never been into the japanese style of gaming (even dead rising wasn't worth my $60) but a I know a good chunk of my friends list will be getting this game...thats why I want to get into it

RecSpec3928d ago

If you weren't interested in the early ones, this one probably won't change things. If you have enough money to buy games just cause your friends will, well kudos to you. Probably a bad habit though

ErcsYou3928d ago

"never been into the japanese style of gaming"... thats a tuff one.. i don't think any screen shot is going change your mind.

I for one practically grew up on Japanese gaming and Anime so DMC4 is right up my alley

Question. If you could do anything you wanted as a "Gamer" what would you do? I for one would move to japan and play "Arcade Games" for the rest of my natural life..(or stay in America and import arcade boards) but thats just me

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solideagle13928d ago

pandora box? well my logic is this...that vergil is in nero's hand.

v1c1ous3928d ago

a huge guy as well? it also involved platforming.

so why are people saying that this is a god of war rip-off.

Forsaken3928d ago

Why don't you play the final mission of DMC? We'll see where Aries orginated from. Henceforth, this new boss.

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