N4G May Contests: Round 2

Comment lottery, loyal reader lottery and a chance to win CS: GO shirts!

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TheModernKamikaze1508d ago

I really want that $50 for Mother's Day.

jdfoster1508d ago

$50 US ... Would that be converted to what it's worth in Pounds if someone from the UK won (like me :p) Or just be £50?

Cat1508d ago

It's converted at whatever the rate is at time of purchase

Cat1508d ago

yep! Contests are limited to earth.

TheModernKamikaze1508d ago

Also I'm just 15 is it okay if I ask my parents to use their credit card for registering In paypal and create an account for amazon?

PirateThom1508d ago

I should really pay more attention to these contests... it's stuff for just doing stuff you do on the website.