Hummer denies Halo influence on HX concept

A lot of Halo fans think Hummer's new HX concept SUV looks quite a bit like the Warthog all-terrain vehicle from Bungie's hit games. The designers must have been thinking of the Warthog when they built it,right?

Wrong. Carl Zipfel, GM's director of exterior design for the HX concept, says the Warthog was not an inspiration for the new compact SUV.

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HaKeRsCanRotINHEL3908d ago

Your second model sure looks a hell-of-a-lot like a Warthog! I smell a lawsuit. LOL 8D BUNGIE!!!

Hatchetforce3908d ago

I have been to AM General a couple of times and they have plenty of concept vehicles around. They have had them long before HALO came out.

Gamingshouldbefun3908d ago

people think everything has to do with halo..
guys you know the guns in halo look really like the new xm8!
I bet the US army took the designs from halo to fight wars oohhh soo cool.

halo is 2007 you cant hang on to it forever, just let it go people and prepare for MGS4 xD

socomnick3908d ago

Xm8 was scraped no longer even being considered to replace the m4 and the m16. The new rifles that might replace the m16 and m4 now are the Fn Scar and the Magpul Masada.

fopums3908d ago

god forbid the use olive...... now if those seats had orange covers and maybe a turret in the back I would say zomg call press.

tire tread looks suspect though XD

mccomber3908d ago

looks a lot more Haloesque than the hummer does... hell, I'd even say that's Master Chief Green.

Panthers3908d ago

i lvoe that hummer, but I think I still prefer the original.

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