Why An Avid Star Wars Fan Cancelled His Subscription to The Old Republic

Scott from the D Pad D Bags tells us why, as an avid Star Wars fan, he cancelled his Old Republic Account

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Tenkay232259d ago

I cancelled cuz I'm poor :( it was a fun game and I was looking forward to completing my Jedi guardians story.

Nac2259d ago

Becasue its not KotOR 3, thats why!!!

joab7772259d ago

I love star wars and bioware but i think they missed the point. Theres so many great sp rpgs and with guild wars 2 and its non subscription strategy (crazy right?) and tera and elder scrolls online, its destined to lose people. They woulda been better off creating either a fully fleshed mmo with heavy end game content or better yet an sp with multiplayer. Still coulda had expansions and coulda released another in 2-3 years. I a little sad. Its good, really good but my bar was set so damn high.

Kamikaze1352259d ago

I cancelled because I barely saw anybody roaming around the world on my server. I felt too alone in an MMO. That and in a guild I was in made up of about 257 people, nobody ever signed on ;_;

Drekken2259d ago

End game is non-existent. Great job on the voice acting and early game zones... but you failed big time at the one thing that keeps people playing. END GAME.

They should have had it to begin with instead of thinking they could release it a year after the game released... it will be too late with Diabo3, Guild Wars 2, and the stupid WoW expansion. Not to mention new comers like Tera.

I have a friend who is loving the game, but I can't wait for him to hit max level and come back to reality and play some D3 with me.

coolbeans2259d ago

SWTOR's Endgame off the top of my head:

- 3 different tiers of 50 PVP armor with 4 warzones.

- Dailies that spread across 3 different planets

- 3 different 8-man/16-man operations (raids) that have different difficulty settings (norm, hard, nightmare)

- Quests tied in with challenging world bosses

Feel free to tell me how a ~6 month old MMO with this much content is lacking in end game. There's a sufficient amount of content for even the "hardcore" raider.

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