Console Wars – Are we ready?

GamerFitNation: So, Sony has announced a new version of PlayStation to compete alongside Microsofts 720 and the Nintendo Wii U. But are we truly ready for another console battle and have the developers tapped every last ounce of usage out of the current ones?

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neutralgamer191746d ago

When did Sony announce a new version of the playstation to compete alongside Microsofts 720?

Hellsvacancy1746d ago

Sony and MS hav though, they just havnt told us consumers yet

mushroomwig1746d ago

How did this get approved? Sony hasn't announced a thing regarding their next PlayStation.

pr0digyZA1746d ago

I think it's a theoretical statement.

BushLitter1746d ago

I think 'theoretical statement' is an oxymoron :P

pr0digyZA1746d ago

lol I know :P it's the only way to describe that sentence though.

ChunkyLover531746d ago

Microsoft and Sony haven't announced any new consoles.....what the heck is this?

BushLitter1746d ago

This guy chows mushrooms

Godmars2901746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

As far as "next Gen" is concerned, I'm done. Games this gen were largely narrow and restricted in design, too focused on graphics which boiled down to brown and grey, and too many people blindly defending them.

Yes there's been so good and even great games, but even many of those have been overrated. Others have only split and polarized the fan base.

BushLitter1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

I agree to a great extent, but I have to say that in spite of that there were still some amazing games that came out this gen.

mr_badhand1746d ago

so in your opinion what Gen was best? What games do you consider great that you remembered?

Lets not let nostalgia cloud your judgment on how truly bad a** these last 5 to 6 years of gaming have been.

Godmars2901746d ago

The SNES and PS1 eras offered the best balances between gameplay and graphics, while the PS2 had too many games to really complain about. Its also where things started to go wrong since the system caught flack for failures in others like the Gamecube, Xbox1 and especially the Dreamcast and for killing Sega.

I'm not letting nostalgia cloud my judgement, but rather my enjoyment of JRPGs and sprite animation based games, as well as my general disinterest in FPS, for which there's been a major scarcity of one, and too many of the other on HD consoles. Nevermind the push for MP and the death of SP.

Siren301746d ago

Why come to a gaming news site if you don't even like games?

cpayne931746d ago

If you admit that there were good and even great games this gen, what do you mean you're done? I'm not a big fan of this gen, my favorite was the n64 and ps1 days, but there's been plenty of gems this gen to play.

Godmars2901746d ago

By "I'm done" I mean that it wont be day-one I buy the next system. Probably wont be year one.

cpayne931745d ago

Oh that makes more sense. I'll probably be the same way to be honest.

@Siren30 he didn't say he didn't like games... he said he didn't like most of the games from this gen.

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The story is too old to be commented.