See Resistance: Burning Skies PS Vita Features and Trophy List

+ Posted by Derek Osgood // Associate Product Marketing Manager, Sony Computer Entertainment America

Shooter fans everywhere are starting to get excited since we’re now less than a month away from the May 29th release of Resistance: Burning Skies. Two weeks ago, we introduced the world to Burning Skies’ competitive multiplayer experience, and so far, we’ve been thrilled with how much fans and media have enjoyed playing it! I know many of you are chomping at the bit to get out there and start taking the war against the Chimera online, so you’ll be happy to hear that last week, Resistance: Burning Skies went gold. To celebrate, we’d like to show you our new trailer, which focuses on the game’s unique feature set.

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remanutd552113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

Rise, Stand, Resist.

Akuma-2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

Thank you sony. While playstation fans are getting more and more quality titles for vita and ps3, Nintendo fans are talking about sales. I can't wait for this game along with the many vita titles that will be release this year and next year

I don't want a talk station or a sales station, I want a playstation.

Playstation is the future and the future is playstation

FragGen2113d ago

Day ONE, baby! Can't wait to see this and more titles like it in a portable format. The Vita is the only portable unit capable of delivering an experience like this due to its hardware and controls.

labaronx2113d ago

resistance kicks of another burst of good vita games

i was a little worried about the touch screen aspect of the secondary fire of most guns..... but it's looking real good so far

AusRogo2113d ago

Lucky to everyone who owns a vita! Cant wait to get mine. I love Resistance, alot. So this will be my first game along with Uncharted!

supremacy2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

Well, there is this and the Gravity rush next month and who knows what else is on the horizon but for whatever its worth I know I can always count on Sony to deliver with established and new: &

So my vita purchase, is just like any of my other PlayStation purchases. Worth it.

I get it, mario is good. But to say the vita doesnt have any games when the truth shows new ips being pumped and announced, I dont think its fair to make those baseless claims, its just not logical.

GribbleGrunger2113d ago

there are currently 43 Vita titles on PSN and over 150 PSP titles that are enhanced on the Vita... let the myth commence

Sithlord-Gamble2113d ago

This game looks like it should be a fairly easy platinum.

Cant wait for this. Day 1 for me, i already have it preordered.

Add me on PSN guys. My n4g name is my ps3/vita name.